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Founders’ Blog: Looking Ahead

Feb 10, 2020 | Admin, Infosys Partner Page, Latest News, Press Release

by Ryan Westwood, CEO, and Isaac Westwood, COO

Today we announced the exciting news that Simplus will be joining Infosys to lead Salesforce services delivery in the North American and Asia-Pacific regions. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Infosys team. We have viewed this partnership from a culture-first lens from the beginning and have put our core value of stewardship at the heart of this decision.

We believe that the alignment of our company values and the preservation of our company DNA will allow us to accelerate and together become the strongest and most respected partner in the Salesforce ecosystem. Infosys has an incredible global scale and breadth, and joining forces gives us a powerful value proposition to enable global digital transformations in all verticals.


Our Journey

As we have reflected upon our journey as a Salesforce partner, we are grateful for our strong partnerships and the contributions they have made to our growth.

Early on, we established our company as a partner of Salesforce and two other SaaS platforms. After some months, we made the decision to focus only on Salesforce and had the good fortune to meet the founders of SteelBrick, a CPQ technology platform built natively on Salesforce. Because of our shared values and vision, we decided to align our business entirely with SteelBrick.

Salesforce’s acquisition of SteelBrick was monumental for Simplus. Not only did we have the increased support of Salesforce as an implementation partner, but we also received investment from Salesforce Ventures and other venture partners. At this time, we reinforced our management team and began down an M&A track that has led us to seven subsequent acquisitions and expansion into four continents. We are truly proud of our culture and the diversity of our workforce, which represents 17 nationalities in 20 countries. We view our new relationship with Infosys as another important partnership in the Simplus story.


Better Together

Our partnership with Infosys is exciting for many reasons.

First, we have always viewed any potential discussion with an acquiring partner from a culture-first perspective. Preserving our Simplus culture and autonomy is first on our minds. Infosys has given us the opportunity to retain that independence while benefiting from their extended capabilities and resources. This means more opportunities and growth for our employees, larger transformation programs, and a more clear path on our journey toward becoming a Global Systems Integrator, which will allow us to effectively compete on a global scale.

Second, Infosys provides additional Salesforce ecosystem services (such as Field Service Lightning, Commerce Cloud, Einstein, Analytics, Vlocity, CloudSense, and CloudCraze) that will benefit our current customer base. For example, Infosys’ FSL capabilities combined with our dominance in CPQ is a winning solution for many customers.

Third, our advisory and change management services, managed services, and quote-to-cash implementation services are able to serve a large portion of Infosys’ current customer base. Many customers are looking to move to Salesforce for a full digital transformation, and we are now set to support this strategy. Our strong market base in North America also helps to support these transformations across the globe.

Fourth, Infosys has a proven acquisition strategy. Fluido, our Salesforce counterpart in Europe, has had tremendous success in the Nordics, and we believe we will experience the same success under Infosys’ guidance and support.


Shared Values

When we began our discussions with Infosys, one of the first things we noticed was our shared values. Although we recognize the differences in culture, region, and company size, our underlying values are very similar. Infosys’ values of leadership by example, transparency, and fairness are similar to our value of stewardship. Infosys’ values of client value and excellence are similar to our value of critical thinking. And we instantly noticed an unspoken value, what we call the “underdog spirit,” that permeates the actions and perspectives of Infosys as a whole.

Transparency is a value common to both Infosys and Simplus that guides how we conduct business. Infosys was the first company to report quarterly earnings in India and the first Indian company on the New York Stock Exchange. Infosys has been a leader in governance and transparency for more than 30 years.

We also appreciate that Infosys saw the uniqueness of our culture and has helped us design it in such a way that we can retain it. This integration will allow us to retain who we are—agile, fast performers with an indomitable underdog spirit.


Looking Ahead

We are excited to lead the Salesforce business not only for our own customers but also for current and future Infosys customers in North America and Australia. We appreciate the opportunity to become part of such a well-respected, dominant player in the technology space to help us accelerate and grow.

As we move forward in our joint venture, we would like to thank our Simplus employees, customers, investors, and partners who have enabled us to reach this significant milestone. We are looking forward to growing together, creating more opportunities, and delivering even more value to our stakeholders.

Together with Infosys, we believe that we will achieve our goal to become the most respected partner in the global ecosystem. Our 2020 vision is clear, bright, and looking to the future.


For a print version of this announcement, click here.

Find the full press release here.


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