Silicon Slopes: 3 Ways Legal Compliance Can Help You Grow Revenue

Adam Wardel sat down with Amy Cook to talk about legal compliance and how it can drive revenue into your business as part of the Revenue Growth University podcast, a series covering leading tech companies who simplify complex problems and drive more revenue. In this article from Silicon Slopes, you can discover the three ways this often overlooked topic can actually transform your company’s growth. You can also catch the highlights here:


1. Management Training

“The two worst kinds of lawsuits are frustrated employees and family law,” says Wardel. “And the best ways to grow revenue through compliance is to prevent unnecessary financial loss.”


2. Data Privacy

“When you’re compliant,” says Wardel, “You can say, ‘Do business with me because we’re not going to drag you into the oversites, the audits, and compliance issues.'”


3. Auditing

“People pay consultants big money to come in and tell you how to make your business better,” says Wardel. “However, if you knew how to use the audit as a tool to make your company better, it could really change the way you look at it.”


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