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Learn the benefits of streamlining e-commerce operations by merging two Salesforce instances

Feb 27, 2023 | Retail and Consumer Goods

KIBO, a tech company that enables retailers and brands to deliver modern omnichannel commerce experiences, needed to manage two Salesforce instances following an acquisition. KIBO had not been able to successfully complete the merger, which was forcing sales teams to transfer CPQ data manually from one instance to the other. Consequently, KIBO lacked full visibility into its sales pipeline, particularly for sales forecasting.

Following a competitive bid process, KIBO selected Simplus to complete a two-phase data migration project. During the project, KIBO was not required to revamp any internal processes, and Simplus solved every single issue that KIBO had identified. By the end of the project, end-user complaints about UX largely went away, and KIBO gained the ability to forecast and understand its sales pipeline.

Learn more about the new efficiencies and sales insights KIBO gained following the merging of its two Salesforce instances.



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