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Meet Kim Georgeton: Simplus’ newest key hire

Dec 18, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

Simplus is thrilled to welcome Kim Georgeton as the new Managing Director of Commerce and Marketing Cloud. 

Kim will lead the practice of 24 dedicated Commerce and Marketing Cloud developers, administrators, quality assurance, project managers, digital specialists, solution strategists, UX designers, and architects.

Among many notable management positions, Kim previously worked with and launched the Gift Center pilot and developed the first CMS. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish studies and international business from the University of Cincinnati. Kim is married and has a 13-year-old daughter, who is piloting her own journey into the teenage years. 

Amy Cook, CMO at Simplus, sat down with Kim to talk about her leadership experience in eCommerce and media services and her plans to innovate advisory and implementation services for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud; help sales and marketing customers integrate siloed go-to-market activities into a unified, customer-focused, data-driven strategy; and oversee digital transformation initiatives for enterprises. 


AC: Tell me a little about yourself and your professional career. 

KG: I’ve worked in retail ecommerce, marketing, and merchandising for over 20 years. In fact, I started hardlines eCommerce at in the early days when they were only selling books. I helped launch the Gift Center pilot in 1998, which was a compilation of gifts, kitchenwares, toys, electronics, video games, handbags, all different kinds of things. 

The purpose was to determine what “tabs” or businesses we were going to launch beyond books. An important part of that pilot was to relentlessly pursue customer experience, learn how to overcome barriers to entry, and review profitability to determine the best path forward for product growth. 

After Amazon, I worked with various agencies and retailers in different capacities. Each opportunity presented exciting challenges and experiences that I believe will serve well in this new position with Simplus. 


AC: In each job, you’ve been able to watch the impact emerging technology has had on ecommerce. What was your favorite? 

KG: There are so many that I could list for different reasons. But I think the most recent journey with a digital agency; helping remove silos, bringing solutions to the forefront, and injecting the services with renewed innovation will aid me in this amazing new experience at Simplus.


AC: What does a digital practice bring to Simplus? 

KG: That’s a great question! It provides the ability to service all Salesforce clouds not merely from a Salesforce perspective, but combines business needs and creative perspectives, too. It’s exciting to be able to tie together and marry all the many components. For example, Marketing Cloud connects business processes and 1:1 personal points of view with simple tech solutions. 

Plus, I look forward to implementing new service technology platforms, notably those involving the production of digital assets, and being able to execute campaigns and ongoing site support.


AC: Are there any limitations in terms of size of business or industry that we work with? 

KG: We’ll serve clients of all sizes and in all industries. We work on either a project or a retainer model and have effective, affordable solutions to bring products to market for all clients. 


AC: What are the advantages of working with Simplus on an ongoing digital basis rather than an exclusive creative agency? 

KG: Mainly the 360-view of programs and technologies that are being incorporated with one another. This means all business and tech practices can be on point with their recommendations. Because the clouds are closely connected, I also love that this enables less time getting up to speed. We can be quicker to market and quicker to resolve. All of this ultimately improves the customer experience. 


AC: What are the future plans of the digital practice? 

KG: It’s an exciting time for digital commerce. But watch for innovations at a global scale and major growth in Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. 

AC: Thank you, Kim! It’s going to be exciting to see how Simplus can help implement the innovative possibilities Salesforce brings to eCommerce. 


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