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Meet Kevin Melfi — Simplus’ March Employee Feature

Mar 25, 2020 | Admin, Change Management, Latest News, Training

This month, we’re featuring Kevin Melfi, an impressive member of Simplus’ Change Management team! Kevin is an invaluable team player for Simplus, providing best-in-class expertise on Salesforce, the people side of change, and technology adoption for our clients. Learn more about him in our Q&A below.


What do you do at Simplus?

Senior Consultant in the Change Management and Training practice.


What are some achievements of which you are most proud? Both professionally and personally.

Personally, I recently celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary to my best friend Julie.

Professionally, I’m most proud that I’ve been able to grow my knowledge of Salesforce to become a consultant. I’m pretty much self taught in Salesforce since I started working on the platform over 12 years ago, which predates Trailhead. I currently hold five certifications, four of which I’ve studied hard for over the last year.


What are your hobbies?

Cycling, hiking and camping with my wife Julie, motorcycling, playing with my dog Kenzie, and reading.


Why do you like working at Simplus?

I’m continually impressed with the leadership at Simplus for their transparency, compassion, and obvious care for their employees. Everyone I have worked with lives by the company’s values, and that’s very rare in corporate America. The work is hard but meaningful. I also really appreciate the ability to work from home, as I have for over eight years. I couldn’t imagine going to an office on the daily again.


Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

I joined the Air Force right out of high school with a goal to become a police officer. After leaving the Air Force and doing a short stint as a state police officer back east, I quickly realized that policing was not for me. I decided to move across the country to join a friend in Oregon where I worked as a call center rep answering customer service calls at the largest footwear, apparel, and equipment brand in the world. I then worked my way into being on a project team as a business analyst to build a new CRM for that call center. From there, I learned Salesforce at another company and have been full time on the Salesforce platform for over 12 years. I’ve worked on the Salesforce platform for companies in the education, software, and retail industries. I joined Simplus in August 2018 to try a new challenge in consulting.


What do you feel are your greatest contributions that help make Simplus the best consulting firm? 

Prior to coming to the consulting world, I worked on the other side of many IT projects where I was either an SME or a project owner. This, coupled with my customer service background, gives me a unique understanding of what my clients go through while working with consultants.


If you are playing Two Truths and a Lie, what answers stump people every time?

These truths always stump people.

  1. That I was on a SWAT team.
  2. That I worked at a flower shop.
  3. That I recently spent 15 months traveling the country in an RV all while working full time.
  4. That I’ve driven cross-country seven times.


Congratulations, Kevin!


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