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Innovation in a cooling economy: High tech, communications, and media

Apr 3, 2023 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Media and Communications

It’s tough times for all industries in the current economic climate, but high-tech, comms, and media have perhaps the most urgent concerns as consumers look for ways to trim expenses and bank scares wipe out some high-tech businesses overnight, the industry is understandably fraught with turmoil.

But cowering in fear as a business won’t help ward off troubles nor prepare you for a reopened marketplace after the storm. High-tech, comms, and media companies who make thoughtful investments in the right strategic tools can take this time to innovate and prove their vitality in good times and bad. Here are two industry-focused customer stories to prove the value of ongoing innovation:


Merrill Corporation

Industry:    High Tech, Financial Services

Simplus Solution:    CPQ Implementation

Merrill Corporation, a global provider of legal and financial transaction services, marketing, and communication solutions, partnered with Simplus to optimize its front-office operations. Through our assessment of the client’s current state, we proposed and executed a full overhaul of their end-to-end quoting process, with downstream implications for improved pricing insights, better sales performance, and higher customer satisfaction. The Salesforce CPQ solution streamlined and standardized pricing across all regions and currencies. With our help, the new QTC process provided better visibility into the approval process for sales reps as well as better insights into deal performance for management. The solution also eliminated the need for full-time resources devoted to SoW and proposal generation, which streamlined operations and helped to reduce overall costs.



Industry:    Communications

Simplus Solution:    Advisory Services and Service Cloud Implementation

Telstra Belong, a subsidiary of Telstra, services fixed-line and mobile broadband. But misaligned business processes across product sets and a lack of best practices made its initial Salesforce implementation lackluster. Simplus stepped in to advise Telstra on technical best practices and realign Salesforce product utilization across the business units. Now, Telstra is engaging with customers in a sleeker, more modern way that has yielded great adoption results. 




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