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Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution is ready to launch

Nov 20, 2020 | Admin, Government, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

The future looks bright for finding a solution to this global health crisis. And as states prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine per federal government mandates, Simplus and Salesforce partnered to create the cloud-based Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution. But how does it hope to reach the public and those who are administering the vaccine? Here’s how. 


What is this magic?

No tricks. Just good old-fashioned ingenuity, innovation, and a commitment to finding effective solutions to complicated challenges. This is technology that combines Infosys’ and Simplus’ Salesforce implementation expertise and Salesforce’s consulting and platform capabilities. 

The Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution is an end-to-end solution that modularly integrates campaign management, citizen registration, prioritization, provider enrollment, supply chain visibility, forecasting, vaccine administration, wellness surveys, and adverse event monitoring. The solution is fully integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. 


What does this mean for you?

With this Vaccine Management Solution, people have one convenient and trustworthy source for up-to-date information, registration with policymakers, and safe scheduling of vaccine appointments. It also supports vaccine providers with features to manage appointments, vaccine administration, and inventory while monitoring possible adverse effects. 

“We bring a complete solution for vaccine management to meet the demands of rigorous and expansive vaccine distribution programs. We have also designed the solution in a modular fashion to complement existing systems that may already be in place. In this way, we are delivering the fastest time-to-value as well as acting in the interest of public good,” said Eric Paternoster, CEO of Infosys Public Services


How will this help us move forward amid the pandemic?

The second vaccine to surge to the forefront, developed by Moderna, has clinical trials showing success rates hovering around 95 percent. But developing an effective vaccine is only part of the challenge. The need to create a system that rapidly distributes the much-anticipated vaccine to all parts of the globe is essential. 

“As we work toward a global solution during the pandemic, the importance of a robust vaccine management solution cannot be overstated,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO, Simplus. “Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution leverages the domain and cloud expertise of both Infosys and Simplus teams, to bring life-saving tech for good to our communities.”

Cloud-based technology and its impact on healthcare and business continue to evolve, and the benefits are changing the world–literally. 

“We are excited about the Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution built on Salesforce platform,” said Tyler Prince, EVP of Partners and Industries at Salesforce. “Our partners are a key growth driver of the Salesforce economy, as they extend the functionality of our platform and help customers implement our technology. This solution exemplifies the impact of partner innovation combined with Salesforce products meeting an urgent community need.”


For more information on the Infosys COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution, click here.


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