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4 Infosys Automotive innovations that transform operations

Aug 1, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and now Industry 5.0 are revolutionizing the way automotive OEMs view their factory floor operations—and how they allocate funds or resources to accommodate new and critical technologies. However, US manufacturers lag behind their international counterparts significantly on the digital transformation front, according to recent reports. That’s why it’s essential for auto manufacturers to partner with top technology consultants now—the type of partners who can provide innovative assets proven to guide digital transformation and future-proof operations. 

We’d like to introduce you to some of the many IP assets and innovative frameworks the Infosys Automotive practice has created to make the digital transformation of auto OEM organizations a truly rewarding endeavor: Smart Workshop, Auto Remarketing, Digital Factory, and frameworks and platforms for various robotics. 


Smart Workshop

First up is the Smart Workshop, a robust resource for empowering automotive dealers with all the tools they need for forecasting, resource management, and planning for aftermarket sales. Whether it’s an initiative to streamline parts ordering or build out a better workflow for service reminders, the Smart Workshop is capable of it. This is a powerful feature of the Infosys Automotive practice that coincides neatly with automotive organizations built on the Salesforce platform. You can add additional value around improving turnaround times and giving customers more choice in their technician or aftermarket parts ordering experience: selections for a preferred technician, service update frequency, and preferred channel are all options. On top of all that, the Smart Workshop also allows users to build out a knowledge base for technicians to grow their skills and become greater assets to customers with a broader knowledge of repair and inspection processes on different vehicle types and models. 


Auto Remarketing

Another innovation to consider is Infosys’ Auto Remarketing solution. This is ideal for automating the entire auto-remarketing process and making major efficiency gains along the way. You can streamline every step and eliminate third-party auction houses typically employed by OEMs. What used to be a major visibility loss and tedious process for OEMs can now be reimagined as a dynamic and insight-driving process for the entire organization. This solution can also easily integrate with an existing Salesforce instance to further enhance the platform as a SSOT. 


Digital Factory

Next up is the Infosys Digital Factory. A key offering in the automotive practice, the Digital Factory is all about bringing a comprehensive suite of the latest industry innovation to the factory floor with use cases and proof of concepts. As a resource for guiding large digital transformation projects, consultants leverage the Digital Factory to support automotive organizations looking to integrate IoT, blockchain, machine learning, AR/VR, and more into their larger operations and processes. As part of the Digital Factory, the Infosys AssistEdge also helps companies ensure their new Industry 4.0 operations have removed or automated any repetitive processes across the business. 


Framework and platforms for robotics

Finally, the Infosys Automotive practice is not without an abundance of proven frameworks and platforms for establishing robotics in the automotive field. The practice is constantly developing new assets to support autonomous systems for auto businesses, such as Robotic Artificial Language—Integrated Product Technology (RAILPT), a platform for combining object detection and tracking robotics, or KRTI 4.0, a framework for operational excellence in IoT systems. There are many more examples of powerful frameworks applicable to cutting-edge auto manufacturers of any size and with any digital transformation aspirations. 


Whatever innovations your auto business chooses to invest in, it’s critical that your organization begins with a clearly road-mapped strategy before diving into any solution. It’s one thing to put the money behind the latest technologies and IP for smart automotive factories—it’s another to have a thoughtful long-term plan for how those advances will aid your biggest KPIs and objectives. In fact, having a strategy with clearly outlined processes beforehand makes success 466 times more likely. You can take a look at one of Simplus’ roadmapping success stories for manufacturers here, a testament to how mission-critical a thorough discovery and roadmapping stage is to successful implementation down the line. 

Simplus is thrilled to partner with Infosys on next-gen solutions that advance digital transformation for manufacturers. If you’re interested in integrating your Salesforce platform with these innovations, we’d love to talk more. Connect today.




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