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How an advisory engagement enhances data management practices

Sep 28, 2023 | Admin, Advisory Services, Data Integration, Latest News

Working with an advisory team that specializes in digital transformation will help sort out the daunting task of data integration and management. A strategic advisory engagement can also guide you through options for a scalable and customizable system that can handle large volumes of data and implement AI technology that enables this data to be more instrumental in business operations. 

Here’s how it’s done: 


Captures Large Amounts of Data

If your business generates or collects substantial data, AI can help you extract valuable insights and patterns from this data. With real-time, cloud-based analytics tools, users can also utilize real-time insights into data, enabling faster decision-making and the identification of trends or opportunities. These AI algorithms can quickly analyze large datasets and provide actionable insights, aiding in data-driven decision-making. This is especially valuable in time-sensitive situations where quick decisions are crucial.

Systems like Data Cloud can facilitate the integration of data from various sources, which creates a unified— and easily shareable— view of your business’s operations and customer interactions. 


Presents Thoughtful Data Analysis

Implementing AI-powered tools can identify common attributes within data and create mappings between different data structures, making it easier to merge and analyze data from various sources.

Identifying AI algorithms can also assess data quality by detecting anomalies, outliers, and inconsistencies. This helps in identifying potential issues in the dataset and ensures the integrity of the data being used.

With data categorization and labeling capabilities, AI can automatically categorize and label data, making organizing and retrieving information easier. This is particularly useful in situations where large amounts of unstructured data need to be organized for analysis.


Offers Streamlined Storage and Retrieval

Finally, AI-powered systems can optimize data storage and retrieval processes. They can determine the most efficient storage solutions based on data usage patterns, ensuring quick access to frequently used data and cost-effective storage for less frequently accessed data.

Good business use cases for AI start with good data. Engaging with Simplus Strategy to form a long-term data management strategy with our advisory resources helps your organization lay the crucial data foundation for AI. By capturing large amounts of data, presenting valuable data with powerful analytics, and offering streamlined data storage and retrieval operations, AI and data are a dream team. The first step? Get your data ready for it. Let’s talk. 



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Kim Georgeton
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