3 leading HLS trends and transformative solutions

When you hear that collecting data is a real lifesaver, believe it. When emerging technology analyzes patient data to impact healthcare delivery systems while elevating the patient experience with more options on desired care, we discover that data can—quite literally—save lives.

Experts are tracking the digital transformation in the healthcare industry, including Jayneel Patel, PhD., VP, HLS Center of Excellence at Simplus, and Amit Shukla, AVP, HLS Sales at Infosys, who shared their insight at Salesforce Dreamforce 2021. 

They’ve seen at least three trends that illustrate the transformative impact technology has on the healthcare industry by observing healthcare evolution. And the effects will have a remarkable impact on the state of the current healthcare system. Here’s why: 


Trend #1:

The healthcare industry continues to focus on improving the triad metrics of cost, care quality, and access to care. Did you know that 83 percent of consumers say their experience with a company is as important as its products? “As healthcare becomes more complex, people are looking for…



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Jayneel PatelJayneel is VP, Healthcare & Life Sciences, here at Simplus. With a Ph.D. in engineering and MBA from Duke and over 15 years of experience, Jayneel designs and delivers empathy-driven innovative solutions in healthcare. He has developed digital strategies to reduce risk, increase visibility, and improve patient and member satisfaction. His passion is to enable better care through technology.

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