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Healthcare and life sciences + the Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release

The healthcare and life sciences space has unique needs different than most other industries. Between a heavy-duty regulatory landscape and a complex web of partners, payors, suppliers, and researchers to navigate, it can be challenging for many in the space to slow down and optimize processes to focus on what’s most important: the patient. Salesforce Health Cloud, however, was designed to bring clarity to a complicated industry so you can streamline your operations for patient-centric care. Spring ‘22, the latest release of Salesforce updates, brings the patient even more in focus. 

The latest update to Salesforce includes several exciting enhancements for healthcare players, including providers, MedTech, and more. We’ll review the five key elements you need to understand in the HLS industry with the Spring ‘22 release, from medication management and identity verification to sales, provider network, and Customer 360 improvements. 


Managing medications

Applicable Cloud: Health Cloud with Medication Management add-on

With the Medication Management add-on, Health Cloud users can reduce errors in medicine to ensure patient safety. You can…



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