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Guiding the expedition: How Advisory Services leads with a path forward

Nov 14, 2023 | Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News

With further growth in AI capabilities, the race is on for companies to gain a competitive edge by updating the CRM to automate essential processes, reduce overhead costs with more efficient workflow, deliver personalized CX, and add data analysis for thoughtful business growth initiatives. 

Studies show that 77 percent of organizations already have scaled and accelerated digital transformation plans. But with this rapid pace comes plenty of potential pitfalls that can trip up innovation or cause ambitious business objectives to get lost on the trail. 

Partnering with Simplus Advisory Services eliminates the guesswork in digital transformation by establishing clear objectives and evaluating the ideal system updates to pack for the journey. Over half of business leaders point to digital transformation as their organization’s most critical growth driver, so mapping out a plan is an essential first step. 

When you gear up with advisory support, your company can ensure it stays on the right path to data-driven, AI-supported, digital success. Here’s how: 


Partner with Expert Trail Guides 

Advisory Services provide experienced “trail guides” who know the terrain of digital transformation. They’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and hidden obstacles and prevent you from getting lost. 

“It’s not just about transformation or change for change’s sake. [Stakeholders] want to see how you’re going to realize that value, how you’re going to measure it, and why you’re prioritizing focusing on that particular investment…,” Kevin Willemse, Managing Director of Advisory Services at Simplus, said. 

“They’re getting more specific in terms of identifying where their problems are and then putting out to market to say ‘As a business owner, this is the change I want to see and you need to really prove how you’re going to address that.’”

It’s like having a seasoned hiker leading you through a tricky trail. With Advisory Services, you’ll have a digital transformation “compass” to keep you on the right path, preventing you from wandering into the wilderness of uncertainty, and helping you find the best route and navigate tricky turns so you won’t end up wandering in circles.


Take Advantage of Group Hiking

Advisory Services can assemble a “hiking group” of experts, each with specialized skills, in-depth knowledge, and expertise in digital technologies, industry best practices, and emerging trends, which are essential for organizations looking to modernize their operations. It’s like hiking with a team of friends, each bringing their strengths.

Advisors can also share “campfire stories” of past successful transformations, offering inspiration and proof that you can conquer even the most challenging trails.


Pack Light. . . 

Advisors help you “pack lighter” by optimizing your digital toolkit so you’re not carrying unnecessary technology “gear” up the mountain. After all, a lighter backpack makes the hike more enjoyable. For instance, an advisory team can refine existing tools rather than push new technology or consider standard product models before pursuing targeted customization strategies. 

“The first thing you’ve got to do is understand how and when and why and by who that technology is being used,” Willemse said. “That means going to your business users and mapping out what they’re doing, what technology they’re using, and what the intended outcome is of using that technology in terms of facilitating that process or making it more efficient.”


. . . and Bring Snacks. 

Think of our Advisory Services teams as your go-to source of “trail snacks.” They provide quick, valuable insights and energy to keep going when the journey gets tough. In addition, by encouraging collaboration, your advisors will ensure you’re never without a buddy on your journey through the digital wilderness. 


Prevent Unwelcome “Nature” Encounters

Unexpected intruders can ruin even the most well-planned journey. Advisors help “bear-proof” your digital camp, ensuring you’re not surprised by any unexpected “cyber bears” looking to disrupt your journey. Advisors can also help you prepare for those random “thunderstorms” of digital incidents so you don’t get wet and miserable on the trail.


Host Trailside Entertainment 

Advisory Services enhance your digital “trailside attractions,” making your customers’ journey more enjoyable, just like adding fun activities and beautiful viewpoints along a hike. 

Studies show that around 81 percent of customers say a positive customer service experience increases their chances of making another purchase. Digital transformation will elevate the customer experience through personalization, online self-service options, and improved communication channels. 


Encourage Leave No Trace 

Advisory Services ensure you “leave no trace” regarding regulatory compliance and violations. You won’t be picking up litter or dealing with fines left behind on the trail. Advisory Services can guide regulatory compliance and cybersecurity, helping organizations protect sensitive data and ensure legal adherence.


Offer Continuous Hiking 

With Advisory Services, your journey isn’t just one hike; it’s a series of adventures, always aiming for a new and exciting “summit” as you continually improve. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, and Advisory Services can help organizations continuously adapt and evolve to stay ahead in the digital landscape. 

As the experienced trail guide on this journey, Simplus Advisory Services understands that digital transformation is not a destination but a dynamic path, and they are there to help you navigate the twists and turns that lie ahead.

With this support, organizations like yours can continually adapt, evolve, and refine their strategies. These services provide the essential tools and insights to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

So, while one adventure may end, another is always on the horizon. Embrace the continuous improvement and innovation that digital transformation offers, and let Simplus Advisory Services be your trusted companions on this exciting, ever-evolving journey. Together, we’ll reach new summits, discover fresh perspectives, and pave the way for sustained success in the dynamic world of business.



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