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Growth accelerated through DevOps: The Genesys story

Sep 26, 2022 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Managed Services

Sometimes all it takes is a little operational efficiency to kick transformation initiatives into full-speed-ahead mode. 

On Wednesday, September 21st, leaders from Genesys and Simplus led a presentation and Q&A on the experience of using DevOps at Genesys to ramp up digital transformation. Genesys is a global cloud leader for customer experience orchestration, touting over 7,000 customers and 6,000 employees all over the world. Ramya Raj, VP & Global Head of Go-to-Customer Solutions at Genesys, was joined by Wesley Story, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Genesys, and Scott Harrington, Sales Director at Simplus, for a discussion on customer experience optimization and growth acceleration with DevOps at the helm. Amy Cook, Simplus CMO, moderated the session. 

The session focused on Genesys’ guiding objectives for transformation, the keys to success so far, and a panel Q&A discussion extending the conversation to digital transformation trends more broadly. 


Transformation agenda and priorities at Genesys

Genesys’ rapid growth was making one thing very clear: change was required to make their approach to digital transformation fit for scale. The company wanted to establish a true product-to-cash transformation to support this growth, which would require frictionless workflows, customer self-service, and sales-led motions. In short, they needed innovative customer experience on their side to expedite the transformation.

Genesys’ goal was to implement a modern Quote-to-Cash platform using Salesforce Revenue Cloud, and they have been working on standing up a new environment for this product-to-cash transformation. The focus has been to leverage all out-of-the-box solutions—like CRM, CPQ, Billing, etc.—to streamline the end user experience and speed up implementation time. With some end-to-end design help and a DevOps approach led by the team at Simplus, it’s been a rewarding journey to see the results so far. 


Keys to success so far

Ramya outlined four critical decisions and actions that have been essential to Genesys’ transformation success to date:

  1. Focusing on the business value of the Salesforce platform and transformation objectives
  2. Conducting market research and user experience design to ensure the new environment truly embodies “empathy in action”
  3. Piloting an Agile DevOps operating model with the help of Simplus as partner
  4. Iterating through demos and showcases to reimagine the partner engagement model at Genesys

All in all, it was a fascinating discussion and a great way to learn firsthand from Genesys’ transformation journey using Salesforce technology to pave the way for smoother customer experiences. We can’t wait to see what the next year of transformation initiatives brings!



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