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Simplus’ global culture-building insights featured by Comparably

Aug 11, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

Simplus’ CIO, Shane Howard, recently shed some light on how Simplus builds a cohesive global culture despite having an employee base that spans multiple continents, languages, and nationalities. Comparably’s featured article highlights six companies with strong global cultures. Here at Simplus, we are proud to have such an inclusive team full of proactive employees always looking for ways to better connect and bridge the gaps of time and space to build our renowned culture.

“Our team members are dispersed throughout North America, Australia, Europe, and the Philippines. But they all came to Simplus drawn to our unique, welcoming, and cohesive culture, and that’s also how we keep the best of the best talent,” Howard said in the article. “Through regular regional hub activities, collaborative messaging platforms like Slack encouraged both for professional collaboration and personal connection, encouraging turning cameras on when video-conferencing through platforms like Zoom, and proactive global managers who take the time to check in and get to know their international counterparts and peers, we’ve fostered a genuinely unified culture with a global footprint.”

To read the complete list of Comparably’s global culture-building tips, click here, and learn more about the Simplus culture by exploring our Careers page. 




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