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The 5 gifts of Managed Services

Jun 19, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Managed Services

The Salesforce features that make your business function properly are vital. Without them, the daily processes that fuel revenue would fall apart—contact management, driving sales through the pipeline, collecting customer insights, and more. But what happens when your business starts growing and your systems are still stuck in the mode of when you were several hundred employees smaller, or churning less revenue?

As your business grows, your technology needs to, too. That’s why Simplus Managed Services is dedicated to maintaining and improving your existing Salesforce org as your company changes and evolves. We make sure your organization is always boosting your processes, rather than drawing away from them. Discover the five gifts you can expect from partnering with Simplus Managed Services.


1. We are diverse and always available

At Simplus, we’re not believers in staff augmentation. We believe a diverse team of multiple specialists results in the best end solutions and reduces knowledge gaps. Simplus Managed Services has highly skilled experts across the board, and we leverage each of them to create tailored teams for each customer. They’ve encountered a variety of pain points and questions before and are ready to address unique situations, using their experience,  with custom plans of action and deployment schedules. And best of all, they’re available when you need. You call, we’re there.


2. We have a flexible utilization model

Many Managed Services Providers offer a bucket of hours and micromanage the services they can offer you. At Simplus, we refuse that low-touch and low-value consultancy. Instead, using our flexible utilization model, we deliver the services you need according to an actual service demand. We specialize in big deployments and their associated operational challenges in order to make sure we deliver the results you need when you need them—we’re flexible. We put the needs of your end users as the first priority.


3. We are dedicated to process improvement

Using best practices, we don’t just get stuff done, but we make stuff better. Your Salesforce org will be constantly improved as we managed requests efficiently, escalate quickly, and adjust to unexpected issues. Any old Managed Service Provider can make your Salesforce org run without major hiccups, but only a dedicated team like the one at Simplus will also look out for pain points to address the problems you didn’t even notice were slowing you down.


4. We provide excellent service at a low cost

One in-house admin is the traditional route for maintaining your Salesforce org. But that gets expensive. Besides, who wants to merely maintain? An in-house specialist might seem like a bright idea, but the lack of talent and IT skills you’ll encounter later on will prove otherwise. Having a whole team of varied experiences ensures that your company is prepared for the ever-changing landscape of IT tech that drives revenue. And Simplus Managed Services is the perfect offer for both maintaining and improving so that you drive efficiency and value into your org. And it all happens for less than the cost of that one admin.


5. We help you plan for the future

Because your Salesforce org is a dynamic, living system subject to constant changes, it needs careful planning. And the omnipresence of IT in today’s business world only furthers the need to stay ahead of the current and always adapting. The bottom line of any successful enterprise business, no matter what industry, often comes down to the strength of their IT and their readiness for the future. With Simplus Managed Services, we help you predict the future by anticipating operational costs and adjusting to unexpected updates effortlessly.

Worrying about your Salesforce org’s upkeep and health takes time away from the sales, service, and decision-making of your company. But it has to be done. So let us handle it. Our expert team will not only maintain your Salesforce instance but improve it—and all without adding more to your plate. So go ahead and indulge: give yourself the gift of Simplus Managed Services today. Call us.



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