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Forbes: Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Bit The Dust

Aug 27, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

Right message, right people, right time—that’s the go-to marketing trick. But what if you’re finding your campaigns still fall a little flat? Something in that formula must need a revisit, according to Simplus CMO Amy Cook in her latest Forbes article. 

“I’ve designed and executed thousands of campaigns, and if we ever stray from this mantra, our results leave something to be desired,” says Amy. “To build a solid marketing plan, you must know your buyer, present a clear and differentiated message, and determine the right channel and timing for that message. If your marketing team draws a blank when you pose any of these three points as a question, it may explain why your last campaign bit the dust.”

Check out the highlights from Amy’s three tips for adjusting your campaign below or read her full article on Forbes here!


1. Know your buyer

“To understand your audience, I’d recommend building what is called “buyer personas.” This is professional jargon for a one-sheet that tells you who your audience is and what they care about.” —Amy Cook


2. Differentiate your message

“There’s more to an effective message than merely saying everything you hope a customer wants to hear. Instead, your message must be consistent with your company’s brand and goals.” —Amy Cook


3. Deliver your message at the right time

“Delivering your message at the right time depends on what your particular message is. The buyer’s behavior follows a reliable design, skillfully illustrated by the Sellers’ Compass, which our team uses as an overall framework to help us understand the buyer’s journey and when to deliver the right messages. It consists of three parts: buyer enablement, purchase and buyer engagement.” —Amy Cook


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