Forbes: Gilles Muys on pandemic meets industry 4.0

Gilles Muys’ latest Forbes article is now live: When pandemic and technology meet: A new twist on industry 4.0. The Simplus VP of Customer Solutions again shared his insights into how the business changes of COVID-19 will only accelerate preexisting trends, creating a new understanding of the workplace, corporate management, employees, and—most importantly—the new customer. We’ve featured some of the best quotes from Gilles’ article below, but you can find the full piece here. 


1. New Work Environment

“The days of gathering around the water cooler to catch the latest office news are gone. Instead, the new workplace is a network of employees collaborating from remote parts of the globe.” —Gilles Muys


2. Under New Management

“A manager’s role will tap into a skill set that doesn’t rely on “presenteeism” to measure employee productivity. However, it will require sharing frequent feedback with a remote workforce and developing acute communication skills to ensure consistent workflow, clear goals and well-defined expectations.” —Gilles Muys


3. New Workforce

“Who is the new employee? Generally, they are someone who can adapt to an internet-based, collaborative culture and is already accustomed to the flexibility and immediacy that emerging technologies provide.” —Gilles Muys


4. Meet the New Customer

“Your company has withstood many changes in a short period of time. It’s important to remember that your customer is experiencing the same uncertainty while they move forward. To establish a meaningful relationship, focus on a customer-centric approach to sales. That means providing services at the right time, to the right person, with the goal to help achieve a purpose.” —Gilles Muys


Read more from Gilles and learn about the power of technology in any workplace by following him on Forbes.

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