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Forbes: Entrepreneurship Comes With A Heavy Price … And Rich Reward

Jun 25, 2018 | Admin, Latest News

Thinking about taking the dive into entrepreneurship? Reports about the viability of startups in today’s economy often create a confusing business landscape for aspiring entrepreneurs, and taking that one big step forward can often seem too risky. But recent numbers are showing that most entrepreneurs are there because of opportunity, not necessity. Over half a million new businesses start up each month. So, despite what you may think, the time is right.

Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood spoke with fellow entrepreneur Mario Martinez Jr. to learn more about his three essentials for transitioning from corporate employment to being your own boss and a successful entrepreneur in Westwood’s latest Forbes article. Catch the highlights below, or read the whole piece here.


1. Preparation

“Have your plan and vision all laid out,” said Martinez. “Otherwise, you’re trying to develop the vision, plan, and find clients all at the same time.”


2. Scale

“When you bring everyone together with different efficiencies, you scale yourself times four,” said Martinez. “You’ve got four times the firepower and four times the skills.”


3. Adapt

“If you must make mistakes, make them early,” said Martinez. “And make necessary changes quickly.” He finds tools and technology that makes the biggest impact and leverages them.


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