Forbes: How To Engage Consultants in a Successful Build Phase

You may think this is the most crucial, time-intensive part of a technology project: the build phase. You’d be wrong, however, according to Simplus President of North America Ryan Northington.

Ryan’s latest Forbes article discusses the build phase of technology projects and how expert consultants can actually make this one of the most straightforward and simple stages of digital transformation—if not one of the shortest. To make this part of the project go as smoothly as possible, however, you need more than just top-notch consultants. It takes deliberate effort and follow-through from the client-side, too. Check out some of Ryan’s key tips below or read the full article on Forbes here!


1. Get the right (and right number) of people involved.

“Good consultants are going to make sure the same people identified during A&D maintain engagement during the build, by asking for active feedback, participation and involvement,” said Ryan Northington. “An iterative agile process during the build is ideal for generating that level of engagement.”


2. Have clear expectations for demos, and provide feedback.

“Good consultants will set the expectation repeatedly that each demo is only part of the future state, not a final product. This way demo participants from the customer side aren’t surprised when something is not there just yet,” said Ryan Northington. “Consultants just need a little feedback, bit by bit as they build, and not a commentary on the holistic view of a complete solution. If you did the previous stages properly, the holistic view is already set and understood by all.”


3. Do your homework.

“As a business leader sponsoring this project, it’s your job to make sure the homework gets done,” said Ryan Northington. “Prepare test scenarios that cover all the core roles and functions soon to be affected by the new technology implemented.”


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