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Forbes: Amy Cook on getting full benefits from DX

May 9, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

Digital transformation is popular—but is it successful? Too many companies throw around the buzzword but not nearly as many have reaped real success from investing in strong DX. Digital transformation is certainly a real and necessary change for any organization, but there has to be a tangible plan in action to make it happen, according to Amy Cook’s latest Forbes article contribution.

Here are Amy’s five signs your organization isn’t realizing the full effect of successful DX and how to fix it:


You’re struggling to define goals

“Unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s more typical than it should be to hear C-suite members express visions for digital transformation that are at odds and don’t necessarily connect to the company’s overall goals.” —Amy Cook


You’re seeking to avoid disruption

“If there are no operation-based disruptions or inconveniences to employees during implementation, then your digital transformation is likely destined to fall short.” —Amy Cook


DX doesn’t have its own budget

“Unless digital transformation has its own line in the organization’s budget, the merits of the initiative will likely become distorted and obscured over time.” —Amy Cook


Your employees are apathetic

“If employees are having trouble with their jobs’ adapted responsibilities or showing subtle signs of resistance to change, you won’t get the results you need.” —Amy Cook


Your customers don’t recognize improvements

“If your digital transformation strategy isn’t revealing a noticeable acceleration in customer satisfaction, your initiative hasn’t truly transformed the company.” —Amy Cook


Read the complete article on Forbs here and follow Amy for more great content.




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