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Forbes: Amy Cook on brand and product launch in 2022

Feb 7, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

Amy Cook, CMO at Simplus and regular Forbes contributor, has shared her latest insights on how to best launch a brand or product amongst the unique circumstances of 2022. You can catch the highlights below or read the full article here. 


Make Sure It Integrates Across All Channels

“Think about your own habits for a minute. You undoubtedly consume information on a variety of different platforms. Many people have go-to online sources for news, but perhaps you see a story of interest on Twitter. You might have trusted entertainment sources on Twitter, but won’t be persuaded to leave your home and see that latest superhero movie until reading a passionate post from a good friend on Facebook who just saw the film and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. An insert ad in the local newspaper could clue you in to the sale of a product you’ve had on your wish list for months and spur you to immediately place an online order and have it delivered right to your doorstep.” —Amy Cook


Keep It Covid-19-Friendly

“Life has undeniably changed since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020. What was expected to be a couple of weeks of flattening the curve eventually turned into lengthy quarantines and large swathes of people working remotely. Even with vaccines, there are still Covid variants and other health concerns. A successful product launch will take precautions into consideration, so plan accordingly.” —Amy Cook


Make It Experiential

“Some of the best product launches are the ones that provide guests with an experience. According to Campaign US research from 2020, 61% of people believe that in-person experiences will be more important — albeit different — moving forward. And according to a 2019 analysis, experiential marketing can have both a positive and significant effect on consumer purchasing decisions. My advice is to let attendees try something fun and possibly different. And offer them a free gift of some kind as a thank you for attending.” —Amy Cook


Check out the full article here and follow Amy Cook on Forbes for more business insights!




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