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Simplus’ flex work culture highlighted by Comparably

Nov 8, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Remote Work Consulting

Marcy Chanin, Simplus’ Chief Delivery Officer, was recently quoted in a Comparably article highlighting companies who have innovated around flexible work schedules. Simplus has been flex work from the very beginning, and Marcy does a great job showcasing how this has been a perk not only to employees but to the company’s operations and recruitment practices.

“Flexible schedules have absolutely changed the way businesses operate and the way businesses view their partner and customer relationships. The net is so much wider now with more businesses comfortable branching out beyond certain geographic regions or time zones,” said Marcy. “With these changes, companies have had to make more investments in the best digital tools to bridge the gap of not having the usual in-person syncs or communication to depend on. We’ve seen this firsthand at Simplus with an increased amount of companies seeking cloud-based transformations to scale their company and support a more dispersed workforce that operates from a single source of truth. It’s been incredible to see that influx really take off in the past two years.”

To read more from Comparably’s feature article, click here, and learn more about the Simplus culture by exploring our Careers page.




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