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Financial services’ guide to the Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release

Jul 6, 2023 | Admin, Financial Services, Latest News

For financial services, the Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release is an exciting update full of new functionalities and enhancements in the Financial Services Cloud. Complaint management, actionable segmentation, marketing cloud engagement, and enhancements to service process automation are the big highlights for the industry and industry cloud this season, and we have the details on each: 


Complaint Management

The new Complaint Management feature in Financial Services Cloud allows users a simple and results-driven process to better manage client complaints. Client complaints can be submitted, monitored, addressed, and analyzed for improvement as agents learn from past complaint data dashboards. This update includes easy complaint intake via OmniScript; self-guided complaint submission for customers with a community configuration; comprehensive analysis dashboard for complaint volume, resolution progress, workload, etc.; REST APIs to better integrate with other ISVs or UIs; and much more. 


Marketing Cloud Engagement

A new feature for marketing engagement in Financial Services Cloud is the ability to send customized emails via Marketing Cloud. The customizable email templates provided by Salesforce can get you started and be personalized for your clients’ interests, needs, and particular cases. Synced with your Salesforce data, emails will also automatically populate with the most current client information. 


Actionable Segmentation

Previously released only in its Beta version in the spring, Actionable Segmentation for Financial Services Cloud is now generally available! This means all users on Financial Services Cloud will be able to segment out customer profiles, curate client outreach programs, and engage more with better context and prioritization targets for segmentation. 


Enhancements to Service Process Automation

Two critical changes are improving Service Process Automation for Financial Services Cloud with this release:

  • Within Service Process Studio, you can now clone service process definitions, view data attributes while on the Case Details, add look-up type data attributes, and group related data attributes. All your users need is the Industry Service Excellence permission set to use this enhancement.
  • New self-service processes for clients are also now available. First, users can update their address through a self-guided experience on the client portal. Second, users can also do a self-guided experience for fee reversal needs. 

You can watch Salesforce’s demos on many of these new features here to get a firsthand look. And when you’re ready to take the next steps to advance your instance and implement new products altogether, Simplus is here, ready, and willing to be your guide.



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