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6 enterprise data security stats all companies need to know

Oct 18, 2021 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News

Data is the new currency for enterprise business. Without a constantly updated hub of dynamic data, most companies would have no real way to understand their customers and make strategic decisions for the health of their business. And yet despite this mighty importance, reliable data security is still an elusive dream for many organizations. So how can data—the key to understanding the past, gaining insights for the future, and giving us actions for the present—be managed in a safer, more secure way at the enterprise level? OwnBackup surveyed enterprise businesses and their data management practices to find out.

At Dreamforce 2021, Simplus’ data backup partner OwnBackup delivered a must-see session on the rising costs of data breaches to enterprise organizations and how these companies can start managing data security like a team sport. To recap, we pulled out six critical stats from the presentation to make the case for better data security measures like those provided by OwnBackup. 


1. Only 57% of companies are aware of their backup responsibility. That leaves 43% of enterprises who are unaware of their responsibility.

Most organizations have only an adequate disaster recovery plan in place for their data, and many more aren’t even aware of what they’re accountable for in the event of a data breakdown. Because of this vulnerability, attacks on cloud data assets are increasing. 


2. In 2020 there was a 25% increase in data breaches, costing 2.4M per breach per organization.

With so many stakeholders involved in the exchange of business data, it’s hard to manage the competing priorities. Everyone wants secure, fast, and dynamic data. But different groups tend to tunnel-vision focus on different requirements of that data, meaning sales, DevOps, IT, and others are all slightly at odds with each other in the push for reliable data. 


3. In the typical data breach in 2020, about 25,000 records were lost costing $150 per record.

Ultimately, Salesforce administrators are responsible for the flow of data in and out of the Salesforce instance. These are the team members who must balance the competing priorities and enable future continuity of the data warehouse. But they need a team effort from all other departments involved to avoid breaches like these. 


4. In 2019, 27% of cybersecurity breaches were cloud-related. In 2020, that percentage jumped to 73%. 

The pandemic has pushed so many companies and systems head-first into a digital, cloud-based world. Unfortunately, not all were prepared for their data to make that jump, too. Protecting data in hybrid or remote work models that rely on cloud systems is mission-critical for the modern organization. 


5. The average customer management org has increased its data volume by 42% in the past year alone.

Customer data is becoming more complex with increases in volume, velocity, and variety. Add in the constantly changing compliance landscape, and there is a host of data security vulnerabilities haunting many organizations that aren’t prepared for the rate of change. 


6. 99% of data failures are the customer/data owner’s fault. 

This stat comes from the latest Gartner report, and it means that when data problems arise, it’s probably because your organization wasn’t as prepared as it should be to protect against and fight data threats. SaaS security posture management, a series of data analyses and classifications, can help many organizations start to get a handle on their immensely complex and large data volume. 

You can view the full presentation from OwnBackup on Salesforce+ here. Of, if you’re ready to create a comprehensive data security plan that works seamlessly with your Salesforce instance, reach out to our integration experts today.




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