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During a cooling economy: 3 ways to get the most value from your strategic services team

Apr 6, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Managed Services

Partnering with a strategic services team for digital transformation keeps your team focused, motivated, and excited about the new possibilities for better efficiency and business growth. But when your company faces an economic downturn, your strategic services team can advise on ways to continue investing in technology that maintains operations, secures infrastructure, advances cloud computing, and advises on preparing for a rebounding economy.  

“Even though it sounds counterintuitive to invest money while the global economy could quickly turn into quicksands, tech investments are a business driver and should certainly not be a casualty,” Dimitri Raziev, Forbes Technology Council member says. 

Despite the cooling economy, experts agree that now is an important time to re-calibrate business strategies and implement tools that streamline essential processes and allow companies to retain the momentum of their digital transformation projects.

Here are three ways a trusted strategic services partner can handle essential tasks to uphold company security, offer valuable insight on implementation strategies, and provide continued expertise and support during transition. 


Expedite company security 

Did you know that around one in four former employees still have access to past workplace accounts and emails? And around 41 percent of these former employees admit to sharing their workplace logins. 

Many companies currently face a large volume of workforce layoffs, budget cuts, employee job transitions, etc. With change happening at such a rapid pace, it’s challenging to maintain company security and control asset access. 

Your strategic services team knows where…



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Grant Acosta
Grant Acosta
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