Dreamforce 2015 Fun (#DF15Games)

Get Your Game On at Dreamforce 2015!

You’d better hone up on your Salesforce trivia because Simplus is hosting the #DF15Games! We’ll be hanging out around our favorite sessions and in our favorite chill zones just waiting to get our game on. Unsuspecting Dreamforce 2015 attendees will be quizzed on general topics, Salesforce history, standard functionality, and community heroes and they will win PFA* prizes like super cozy and witty shirts, selfie sticks, FitBits, and Mophie battery packs!

Don’t dread the Keynote line in the depths of Moscone. Don’t take a nap in the Dreampark. No twiddling your thumbs before the True to the Core session. And for heaven’s sake, don’t get buried in your device’s screen before the Admin Keynote! Show up with your smile, watch out for the #DF15Games ref, and get your game on.

Follow us on Twitter (@SimplusNow) and be notified as we broadcast live on Periscope throughout the week. Meet us at the following times (all times are PST) and places so that you can be the next #DF15Games winner! See you at Dreamforce 2015!

12:00am – Dream Park
2:00pm – Dream Park
6:15pm – SteelBrick Booth N1309

10:00am – Dream Park
3:15pm – Dream Park

10:00am – Admin Zone
3:00pm – Admin Keynote

*PFA – Pretty Frakking Awesome. Just like you.

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