Simplus CEO featured on ModernCTO podcast

Co-Founder and CEO of Simplus, Ryan Westwood, joined the ModernCTO podcast this summer to discuss lessons he has learned about building and maintaining company culture in a fast-growing startup. Simplus has been nationally recognized as an organization with top corporate culture despite the company’s growth from 38 employees to over 800 employees in just a seven-year timeframe. 

Specifically, Ryan and ModernCTO co-host Adam Sage discussed the importance of leading by example to reinforce the values of your company, how to find success as an entrepreneur by mastering your niche, what to look for when investing in a startup, and best practices for mergers and acquisitions that Ryan has learned over the years.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

Are you interested in joining the culture at Simplus yourself? Visit our Career Page for open opportunities. 



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