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Case study: How to update the Salesforce ecosystem after an acquisition

Jan 26, 2023 | Admin, Data Integration

Personify, a tech company that provides community experience software to membership-based organizations, had recently acquired a synergistic company and needed to integrate this company’s assets into its own Salesforce instance. Personify also wanted to leverage the opportunity to dramatically expand the footprint of its own Salesforce ecosystem. The company recognized that this work would require the strategic guidance of an expert partner—and promptly brought in Simplus. Simplus managed the data migration project end to end, and simultaneously migrated more than 30 of the company’s other systems into Salesforce. Simplus also conducted extensive testing to ensure all of the new data entering Salesforce was standardized and optimized to support the company’s sales processes. 

Learn more about the scope of the Salesforce data integration and expansion, plus its positive impact on Personify’s operations.


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