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Amy Cook, Simplus CMO, on the cover of PerceptivX

Apr 25, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

Simplus CMO, Amy Cook, was recently featured on the cover of PerceptivX for her inspiring career story and work at Simplus. With $5,000 from a tax refund shortly after the 2008 mortgage crisis, Amy created a successful marketing firm based on her passion for persuasive writing and communication. Almost ten years later, when asked to take her skills to Simplus, she eagerly said yes.

The PercceptivX story covers Amy’s entire professional journey, highlighting her exemplary work in branding, messaging, and pipeline generation at Simplus. We are so proud to have Amy’s character and skillset on the Simplus executive team.

“What a fantastic opportunity this has been to grow and learn with an amazing company–that I might have missed out on had I not been open to new adventures,” said Amy in the cover story. “I am now part of the Infosys team and am again drinking from a firehose as I continue to learn to market in new environments and industries.”

To read the full cover story, click here. 




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