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AI technology is giving communications and media companies something to talk about

Jul 24, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

To compete in this business, it’s time to get personal. 

Did you know 71 percent of consumers expect personalized interactions whenever they engage with a business? Companies are listening. 

Twilio research recently found that 62 percent of business leaders cite customer retention as a top benefit of personalization, while nearly 60 percent say personalization is an effective strategy for acquiring new customers. 

“Consumers also increasingly confirm the value of personalization, with 56 percent saying they will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience,” said Twilio experts in a recent press release. “These findings clearly point to a growing opportunity to build customer loyalty and lifetime value by engaging consumers with tailored experiences.”

The pressure to effectively connect with customers from everywhere, at any moment, and with topics that resonate with the target audience places a considerable demand on companies. The solutions are digital transformation and AI technology. 

From personalized content delivery and targeted advertising to intelligent content creation and real-time analytics, AI technology is reshaping how we communicate, consume media, and make informed decisions. Here’s how:


Enhanced Content Curation and Personalization

AI has revolutionized content curation by analyzing vast user data and behavior patterns. Recommendation systems powered by AI algorithms enable media platforms to suggest personalized content to their users. 

Whether it’s a movie on a streaming service, a news article, or social media content, AI understands our preferences and interests, making our content consumption experience more enjoyable and efficient. As a result, users can discover relevant content effortlessly, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.


Advanced Data Analytics for Audience Insights

In the era of big data, AI has become indispensable in the communications and media industries for data analytics. AI algorithms can process and analyze vast amounts of user data, extracting valuable insights about audience behavior, preferences, and trends.

Media companies can leverage this information to make data-driven decisions about content creation, distribution, and advertising strategies. Companies can tailor their offerings to meet user demands by understanding their audience better.


Automated Customer Service, Chatbots, and Generative AI

According to Gartner research, 80 percent of customer service interactions will be handled by virtual digital assistants by 2025, resulting in a 33 percent reduction in customer service costs.

By automating customer support, companies can offer round-the-clock assistance, significantly improving customer satisfaction and reducing response times. Chatbots also allow companies to divert resources to more complex customer issues, ultimately streamlining their operations. 

However, let’s address the giant in the AI technology room: Generative AI.  

“We are seeing emerging technologies like ChatGPT take the world by storm. While every developing technology has positives and negatives, these programs can help companies create branded content,” said Jonathan Shroyer, Chief CX Innovation Officer at Arise Virtual Solutions. “A large component of communication that is done by companies is through social media posts, blog posts and overall languaging on their websites.”

Shroyer added that Generative AI can be an effective tool to generate new content ideas quickly and fine-tune content to be as relevant as possible. This can help companies communicate more effectively with the world.

At Simplus, we understand that embracing AI technology is no longer an option but necessary for communications and media organizations aiming to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. 

In our upcoming ebook, The Future is AI: The Next Frontier of Communications and Media, we discuss ways AI technology and generative AI have transformed the communication and media industries, enabling personalized content, improved storytelling, data-driven insights, and enhanced user experiences. 

We will also illustrate how embracing these advancements helps media organizations stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver engaging, relevant, and impactful content to their audiences. 

Watch for it soon! To learn more about ways to implement AI technology and generative AI capabilities, let’s chat. Our Simpus advisory and strategic services teams are ready to share expertise on accelerating customer relationships and getting the most value from the Salesforce instance.



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