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Simplus offers bootcamp for Salesforce Admins to earn Administrator certification

Jun 29, 2016 | Admin, Latest News, Press Release, Training

Simplus offers bootcamp for Salesforce Admins to earn administrator certification

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 29, 2016 –
SANDY, UTAH – Simplus, a leading Utah-based SaaS consulting and development firm, announced today the creation of an intensive, eight-session bootcamp to prepare Salesforce professionals to pass their administrator certification exam.

The Simplus Administrator Certification Course is designed for new or “unoffical” Salesforce Admins who are looking to accelerate their career and increase their value to employers. Salesforce Admin Certification allows Salesforce Admins and other experienced users to demonstrate mastery of all administrative functions in the industry-leading Salesforce customer relationship management platform.

“To remain competitive in the workplace, Salesforce Admins don’t just need to be experienced at administering Salesforce; they need to have the credentials to show they’re proficient in all aspects of the Salesforce environment,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus. “Here at Simplus, we understand how important the Salesforce Admin credential is to Salesforce Admins. That’s why we’ve this intensive bootcamp course to prepare working professionals to pass their Certification exam with flying colors.”

The Simplus Administrator Certification Course will open students’ eyes to every aspect of the Salesforce system—not just the aspects that Salesforce Admins typically encounter in their day-to-day job duties. Students will learn to view Salesforce as not just a means to an end, but as a powerful platform in its own right, capable of generating unprecedented business insights and driving sales processes for any organization.

“The average Salesforce Admin is typically very proficient in how to administer Salesforce for their employer, but lacks a more global understanding of the platform,” said Carolyn Adams, the Utah County Salesforce User Group Leader and a Simplus Salesforce Admin-certified instructor. “We teach them Salesforce with a more universally applicable focus, ensuring that they become proficient in every aspect of the system.”

The Simplus Administrator Certification Course consists of a series of eight hands-on training courses that teach the principles, strategies, and best practices that are needed to pass the Admin Certification exam on the first try. Each class is three hours long, and students also are expected to study on their own.
Candidates should possess broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce, and have a passion for identifying ways that businesses can get more out of Salesforce’s many features and capabilities.

The Simplus Administrator Certification course covers, among other topics, how to manage users, data, and security; how to maintain and customize Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications; and how to build reports, dashboards, and workflows.

For a limited time, the Simplus Academy is offering $300 off the course to students who refer a friend who signs up for the course. For more information about the course and the dates of upcoming courses, contact us here.

About Simplus Academy

The Simplus Academy is the learning and education arm of Simplus. Simplus created the Simplus Academy to provide its clients and other Salesforce professionals with direct access to Simplus’ top-tier certified consultants, developers, and admins. The Simplus Academy offers hands-on training from Certified Admins and guarantees that students will pass certification exams on their first try.


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