How to design an accelerated digital transformation for HLS

by Jayneel Patel

As someone who works closely with the HLS industry, it’s been interesting to hear how often people refer to “accelerated digital transformation”—a term once limited to the business and technology sector—as it spills over into the healthcare space. Does that mean every industry leader is implementing digital transformation at breakneck speeds? 

Let’s slow things down a bit. 

I believe the term “accelerated digital transformation” is so overused it has started to lose its meaning. Before we dive into the true way of adopting an accelerated digital transformation for HLS, it is important to understand the difference between an accelerated transformation versus a standard transformation and all the misconceptions around them.


Acceleration vs. Speed

I Googled the word “speed,” and here’s the definition: “The rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.” Whereas, acceleration is defined as an “increase in the rate or speed of something.”

Now let’s look at transformations from that context. If you are simply updating your infrastructure to replace, consolidate, or update endpoint applications to use new(er) technology without bringing change to its end users, then you have not accelerated any…



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Jayneel PatelJayneel is VP, Healthcare & Life Sciences, here at Simplus. With a Ph.D. in engineering and MBA from Duke and over 15 years of experience, Jayneel designs and delivers empathy-driven innovative solutions in healthcare. He has developed digital strategies to reduce risk, increase visibility, and improve patient and member satisfaction. His passion is to enable better care through technology.

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