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3 Ways Strategic Services Can Improve Your Business Strategies

Jan 27, 2023 | Managed Services

In today’s competitive market, it’s all hands on deck to develop meaningful CX relationships, scalable cloud-based strategies and integrate efficient systems. At pivotal moments like these, you need more from a Salesforce strategic consulting team. 

At Simplus, we understand the unique pressures growing companies face. It’s why we are taking our managed services capabilities and offerings to the next level of service. 

Strategic Services, that is.  

Strategic Services is the natural evolution of our “standard-setting” managed services offering. Using the same principles, we are now able to scale on a truly enterprise level. What does that mean for customers? 

It means more of the same high-level services on a larger scale. We like to call it a “white glove” service, comprised of a future-focused advisory team that works with you to create a scalable, customizable system. 

We’re not changing the services we currently provide. Instead, we’re adding to our offerings. We have additional ways to function, but we still have that core, customer-centric model that is supported by expertise in enterprise-caliber projects and strategic partnerships. Here’s how:   

Offer strong leadership with experience with handling long-term projects

The caliber of our customer success managers differentiates our offering from just a ticket-taking, routine service to a specialized enterprise-level project management team. Part of their job is not just to coordinate the team and not just to handle the ongoing details of project management, but to build a relationship with the client, discuss what matters most to them, and keep the client and stakeholders informed of updates. 

We routinely sit down with a new client and formulate a game plan to measure the client’s one, three, and often five-year goals. Then we align the client’s quarterly and midterm goals based on those priorities. If your Success Manager lacks experience in handling large-scale, long-term projects, essential steps in the early stages can get lost, which can potentially derail a project’s success down the line. 

Whether our client relationship lasts two years or ten, we continue engaging with the client with ongoing questions about system functionality. How are you hoping to use it? What are you hoping to get from it? What are you missing right now that you would like? 

Access to Strategic Partnerships

The Simplus staff has the skills necessary to handle any Salesforce-driven enterprise project, but when the scale of work requires a larger, or a specialized addition to, the team, the robust relationship we have with strategic partners like DocuSign, MuleSoft, Conga, Veloce, Prodly Moover, Vonage, and Infosys creates a seamless option for us. 

We can leverage those vendors in a manner that previously may have cost the client money because they’d have to engage a professional service, but since we have that relationship we can bring them on for key parts of the project. 

We have the ability to plug into current IT teams using a pod model that focuses on a particular salesforce cloud, business unit, or business process. We have enterprise-level success managers, architects, and technical and consultative talent. This hybrid engagement is the future of what our Strategic Services offering will look like.

We help your company scale

Our experience in handling large-scale, long-term projects with collaborative expertise from partners all contribute to that signature “white glove” service. For instance, if digital transformation is a business goal but seems fiscally out of reach, our approach to lowering implementation costs is to tackle it with higher skill. 

Although your challenges may seem unique, it’s likely that our team has worked with similar issues before. If we haven’t, we can utilize the specialized expertise of our partnerships to explore 

Our customers want value from their Salesforce products, and they need cost-saving efficiency. The focus of our Strategic Services team is to simplify essential tasks to ensure our clients optimize their systems’ functionality and find value in their Salesforce investment. 

For example, decreasing the amount of clicks that it takes users to complete tasks ultimately increases productivity and aligns your sales goals with more leads and targeted campaigns. 

And establishing a long-term Strategic Services relationship prevents technical debt and other resource-robbing maintenance burdens that may occur with a customized Salesforce instance. 

For Simplus, Strategic Services means having a trusted advisor available to help manage, operate and fine-tune Salesforce solutions. It’s an approach based on an invested, long-term commitment to transformation, with collaborative avenues for specialized expertise and a clear understanding of scalable growth. 

You deserve more from a managed services team. And we are ready to deliver exceptional, “white glove” services you can trust partnered with our Strategic Services team. 



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