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3 big reasons Simplus is the best partner for Managed Services

May 2, 2018 | Admin, Salesforce Managed Services

Ever wondered why so many businesses choose to engage with Managed Services?  With cybercrime damages costing the world an estimated $6 trillion annually by 2021, partnering with an MSP is one of the best ways businesses can protect themselves against the growing cybersecurity threat landscape. And even if cybersecurity isn’t a concern, data breakdown from the inside is: 140,000 hard drive crashes happen every week in the United States alone and, by 2020, the amount of data that the world needs to defend will be 50 times more than today’s already steep demands. Clearly, data defense and security measures are more pivotal than ever before. Even so, only 16% of businesses test their disaster recovery plans at least once a month.

Is the problem not having the right cloud solutions partner? Given the sensitive landscape of data security, a comprehensive Managed Services offering can be a huge win and a necessary protection for businesses—if they get the right partner. But choosing a partner can be difficult, as most companies showcase their client base, expertise, and talent pool at the expense of not covering how they solve ongoing problems and establish long-lasting expertise. What these partners don’t have is Simplus’ unique, proven methodology.

At Simplus, our specific methodology and processes are tailored to truly solve the issues plaguing too many companies from realizing full success in their data security from both the outside and inside. We solve common problems in the Managed Services sphere with one goal: to be the best partner for Managed Services success. The Simplus approach rises above the processes of other firms and allows us to not only address current pain points but also prevent future catastrophes that customers don’t realize could happen. The Simplus Managed Services offering is different from any consultant you’ve encountered before for several reasons.

  1. We approach problems differently from most partners. Where most consultants are providing a bucket of hours with one person who may or may not be readily available, Simplus has moved beyond. That low-touch and low-value consultancy is traded in for our model: not just the high-quality services but also the attention to problems you may not have even noticed. We care about the things you don’t even think about, such as release management, pushing change successfully to end users, and solving a whole host of other operational problems. The problems we solve are different from those fixed by an ordinary project team. We specialize in solving big projects with go-live issues and the attached operational challenges.


Take a look at FranklinCovey, a Simplus client and supporter of the Simplus approach. FranklinCovey needed to merge two existing Salesforce systems, clean up siloed and duplicate data, and improve system communications. Simplus addressed all this and then some: we cleaned up legacy system data, installed a duplication prevention tool, and updated FranklinCovey’s Salesforce instance to be a true single repository where all employees can collaborate.

“We just finished a 6-month consulting engagement with Simplus for some major SFDC work, and it was handled in an extremely professional and expedited fashion. The Simplus team really delivered for the duration of the project and, in the final hours, worked tirelessly to make sure everything was perfect.” Nikki Bellock, Senior IT Program Manager at FranklinCovey

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  1.  We don’t do staff augmentation. Ever dealt with a firm that just gave you a single resource–one person to tell all your worries to–only to have him take a vacation for two weeks? At Simplus, we believe that a dedicated team diversifies the skill set and ensures that the information you need is available when you need it. We eliminate knowledge gaps in your project by broadening the project team because we know gaps in knowledge just lead to gaps in your final product. 


Again, FranklinCovey loved this method. By leveraging multiple sources of talent on the Simplus side, the engagement with FranklinCovey was destined for success. We maintained constant communication with the team and paved the way for a seamless project go-live.

“The communication within the team was super, and we all knew where we were at any given time. We will definitely be doing business with them again.” —Nikki Bellock, Senior IT Program Manager at FranklinCovey

  1. We diversify and enhance your knowledge base. In addition to sharing the love (or know-how) among a project team, we also make sure that the knowledge base within your company is taken care of, too. Remember your in-house admin who left because your competitor enticed her with ping pong tables and free lunch every day and left you in a lurch? That won’t happen if you work with Simplus. We make sure that the knowledge base for your final product is diversified across all levels of your company. This enhances user adoption and ensures that you will never know knowledge failure again.


By instilling best practices from an early stage, we at Simplus were able to ensure FranklinCovey’s success didn’t end with the project completion. The environment was used to further replace and cleanse the system of home-grown elements. And with multiple sources of knowledge now on the FranklinCovey team, they’re set for continued growth and business scaling.

“Thanks for making our first major SFDC project easy and slick.” Nikki Bellock, Senior IT Program Manager at FranklinCovey

Managed Services at Simplus is truly unique. With our focus on operations, aversion to staff augmentation, and commitment to diversify your knowledge base, Simplus wins over client after client for greater project success and fewer headaches along the way.

Reach out to Simplus Managed Services today at 833.SIM.PLUS to experience the Simplus difference.


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