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What’s new for manufacturing and energy/utilities in the Spring ‘24 release

Feb 27, 2024 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

The push for clean energy is dominating not just consumer preferences but also business leaders’ agendas. With the boom of clean energy revenue spreading across the US, organizations are learning how to streamline their operations and reduce waste for products and services their partners and customers can feel good about—and their bottom lines can feel good about it, too. The trend is picking up quickly and spreading to other heavily industrialized countries. 

To keep up, leaders need to ensure their technology platforms are always up to date and users are enabled to leverage the latest enhancements included. As part of the Spring ‘24 update, Salesforce has enhanced functionality in Manufacturing and Energy and Utilities Cloud for industry-specific improvements. Let’s take a closer look at improved sales agreements and production visibility for manufacturers and clean energy programs for energy and utilities leaders: 


Improved sales agreement functionality for Manufacturing Cloud

Sales agreements in Manufacturing Cloud have been given an enhanced view for more accessible and usable data management results. Users can be more productive and track product metrics across schedules—now with fewer scrolls and fewer data entry errors. The functionality and UX has been reimagined to let users work around sales agreement cells faster and edit easily.


Greater inventory and production forecasting visibility 

Another key update for manufacturers is vastly improved forecasting into production and inventory. Users can trace products and parts and plan for transfers or movement requests with granular information throughout the entire inventory cycle: inventory stocks, locations, returns, shipments, etc. Admins can also configure an inventory search experience for users to further transform inventory management. 

For production visibility, manufacturing suppliers can easily import program and variant forecast information from their research sources to support production forecasting reports. Managers at these suppliers can simply upload the CSV file with the forecasting data, select a target object, and then map the fields into Salesforce based on column headers in the CSV. This helps create large and valuable production datasets right within Manufacturing Cloud.


Connected experiences to drive clean energy programs

The experience of clean energy just got more seamless. Clean energy program managers can use the Program Management Console to track programs and manage changes all within one dashboard. Additionally, you can enhance contractor relationships with the Contractor Portal, a hub for managing contractor needs, program discovery, and enrollment. Several other functionality enhancements further optimize clean energy programs done in the Energy and Utilities Cloud. You can watch a demo of all this clean energy goodness in Energy and Utilities Cloud here. 

To get started with either Manufacturing Cloud or Energy and Utilities Cloud, or to realize greater value from your existing implementation, get in touch with our expert team. We can revitalize lackluster systems and plan a roadmap for scalable success that prioritizes customer-centricity and bottom-line growth. 



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