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What’s new for healthcare in the Spring ‘24 release

Feb 22, 2024 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

The theme of 2023 for all industries may have been AI, but the boots on the ground in healthcare are still calling for simpler enhancements first. Whether it’s streamlined operations to match patients to the right care or more flexible functionality for users to record health events with ease, healthcare workers are demanding better technology at every step. AI may be involved, but it isn’t the godsend for day-to-day operations if you ask many employees in the healthcare space. 

That’s why, as part of the Spring ‘24 release, Salesforce has made several noteworthy enhancements to Health Cloud, including improving assessments, provider network management functionality, advanced therapy, and Home Health. Let’s dive in: 


Pilot of Assessment Generation

A new pilot available in February 2024 for Health Cloud is Assessment Generation, the latest quick and easy way to generate next steps and insights within the healthcare industry’s guidelines. This can include prefilled responses, dynamic assessment histories, and more integrated data features for seamless record-keeping and decision-making.


Enhancements for Provider Relationship and Network Management

A newly enriched Provider Search functionality is at the heart of updates for Provider Relationship/Network Management in the Spring ‘24 update. The Provider Search now supports more customized and flexible queries with criteria-based filters and and configurable custom search criteria, result filters, and result displays. Patients can be matched with the perfect providers in this newly streamlined system that initiates referral flows directly from search results. You can also add more custom fields than before to Provider Search. 


Enhancements for Advanced Therapy Management

The functionality of Advanced Therapy Management has received several updates in Spring ‘24. Among these slight but powerful changes are…

  • Leveraging eSignature capture for Chain of Custody events
  • Optimize your logistics and override lead times based on source and destination sites, with a hierarchy for site overrides/locations
  • Configure transportation logistics with their own slots and lead times for coordinators
  • Show/hide appointments based on user profile in different work procedures


Enhancements for Home Health

Finally, Salesforce Health Cloud’s Home Health feature has been upgraded to optimize scheduling and resource utilization. Scheduled visits can be broadcast or canceled with ease based on resource availability, and rescheduling recurring visits also happens with automated ease despite one-off cancellations. Resources can deliver care proactively with additional medicine administration capabilities and safety guidelines. 

For an expert lens on these enhancements and the entire holistic view of your tech stack functionality, connect with Simplus. We can help roadmap your organization to patient-centered success and operational efficiency. 



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