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What’s new for data and AI in the Winter ’24 release?

Oct 3, 2023 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News

Artificial intelligence in the business landscape is (seemingly) taking over, and for good reason. It’s a massive opportunity to boost productivity and deliver intuitive, personalized experiences at scale. But as we’ve discussed before, it takes a strong foundation of data management to keep it valuable and strong. 

In the latest Winter ‘24 release update from Salesforce, Data Cloud got several new updates you’ll want to pay attention to:


Google Vertex AI comes to Einstein Studio

For business users of Salesforce, the most exciting update to Data Cloud in this release is the ability to use your own AI models from Google Vertex AI within Einstein Studio. This means across the Salesforce Customer 360, you’ll be able to pull in existing models from Google Vertex without any extracting, transforming, or loading bogging you down during the process. It’s simple, seamless, and powerful for elevating your data.  


Trigger flows with Data Cloud data

This update is of particular interest to admin and developers in Salesforce. Changes in a data model or calculated insight object can now launch a Data Cloud-Triggered flow. This means, for example, a customer loyalty status can auto updated based on their loyalty balance using the unified, real-time data from Data Cloud-based flows. This works for anyone using Data Cloud in Lightning or Classic editions and with the Read object permissions and Manage Flows permissions set up.


Enriched data through Data Cloud

Data Cloud brings powerful optimization to the data populating your standard Salesforce components. Copy or query data from Data Cloud can be added to specific record pages, related lists and fields can be added with data from Data Cloud to enhance your Contact and Leads records, and more. This change can be accessed only through Lightning Experience in Enterprise or Unlimited editions by navigating to the object management settings for a Contact or Lead. 


Enhancements to reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards across your Salesforce Customer 360 get an uplift thanks to the Data Cloud engine. Unified account data across sales, marketing, service, etc. can be collated to run calculate insights and activations, feed into Tableau, and resolve account support issues such as exact business name or contact information identifying. This update applies to Data Cloud instances in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited. 

You can catch demonstrations of some of these updates here, or get in touch with our team today to learn how your organization can implement Data Cloud and start making smarter use of data today.



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