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What’s new for data and AI in the Spring ‘24 release

Feb 12, 2024 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News

When Salesforce introduced its reimagined product offerings for data analysis and processing last year, the hype was immediate—and it just keeps getting better with every seasonal update. Business leaders are taking note of Salesforce Data Cloud’s unique ability not just to organize customer data but to act on that data seamlessly within existing business process flows. 

The Spring ‘24 Salesforce release brings several exciting new updates to the realm of data and AI for the Salesforce platform, including more bring-your-own-lake options, improved Data Graph queries, real-time data streaming, prompt builder support, and the Einstein Copilot as your guide through it all. We’ll review the highlights of each: 


Expanded bring-your-own-lake compatibility

You can now bring a lake from Snowflake or Google BigQuery and connect the data seamlessly with Salesforce Data Cloud—zero-ETL (extract, transform, and load) required. This secure connection expands the SSOT ability of your Salesforce org and provides a more holistic view at large of company operations. Catch a demo of the expanded bring-you-own-lake functionalities here. 


Improved queries for Data Graphs

Improved query performance is making it possible for developers to create and access more powerful, fit-for-the-use case Data Graphs in Data Cloud. The promise of Customer 360 within Salesforce is now even clearer as this supports personalized website experience with pre-computed data and responsive generative AI or swift responses throughout sales and marketing touchpoints. 


Real-time, streaming data ingest for Salesforce

Manual line item entry for S3 bucket credentials is out—that means automated, real-time data streaming is now in. Using the Connector you can utilize one-time authentication and connect for ongoing data ingest into Data Cloud, with no impact to your existing data streams. 


Prompt Builder assistance

Ongoing enhancements to Einstein are improving the functionality Salesforce admins have within their org. With Prompt Builder, admins can develop prompt templates for Einstein detailing what they want to be generated (email, summary, notes, etc.) and where the data should come from, speeding up work done within Salesforce tremendously. This can be even further supercharged when coupled with Einstein’s generative AI capabilities. 


Einstein Copilot

Finally, for the developer view and use of Einstein, Einstein Copilot is a powerful way to encourage greater productivity from developers while in the flow of work in Salesforce. The conversational AI support of Einstein Copilot makes suggestions in real time as developers optimize different processes in the back end of your Salesforce instance. 


Getting your data in order for superior Data Cloud and Einstein functionality with Salesforce must be the top priority for any organization making these product investments. Let Simplus help—let’s start a data cleanup and optimization discussion today. 



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