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What’s new for automotive in the Spring ‘24 release

Feb 20, 2024 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

Interconnected driving experiences or cars? Which one are you in the business of?

If you answered the latter, you’re probably in trouble. Car dealerships, manufacturers, and lenders are all pivoting their operations to not just sell a sizable piece of transit equipment but to woo customers with lifelong experiences (winning lifelong loyalty in return). From the moment they sign to the moment they trade out for a new vehicle, consumers are looking for seamless, digitally connected experiences for purchasing, driving, and selling their vehicles. And Salesforce’s Automotive Cloud provides the ideal platform for doing just that. 

Automotive Cloud from Salesforce has received several new enhancements with the Spring ‘24 release update, and we’ll dig into the highlights for each area: automotive finance, fleet management, and lead-to-opportunity mapping. 


More functionality for automotive finance

This update gives users considerable flexibility for managing automotive finance processes, from loans and leases to titles and renewals and much more. With sleek graphs, alerts, and tagging functionality throughout, these enhancements will expand the financial tracking of both your employees’ and your consumers’ experiences. Specific enhancements for automotive finance in this update include…

  • A one-stop-shop for managing loans and leases: billing, addresses, fees, transaction histories, parts financed, milestone alerts, etc. 
  • Expedite loan and service requests for active customers: Using engagement and interaction timelines, you can service queries for customers with ease and full visibility.
  • Leverage ARC graphs to visualize customer relationships directly on the account page
  • Share critical finance information with dealers and partners with an Experience Cloud page
  • Lease and loan console customization
  • Encrypt more fields with Shield Platform Encryption on financial account objects


Fleet tracking and management enhancements

Fleet Management can now be turned on from the app in Setup, not just using Metadata API as in previous updates. Fleet Management can allow external users to get involved with fleet organization, whether it’s tracking assets and participants or monitoring operations. This update applies to instances of Automotive Cloud where Fleet Management is also active. 


Automated lead to opportunity mapping

If your Automotive Cloud instance is enabled for Partner Lead Management and Mapping, this update is for you. There is now no need to manually map fields from lead line to opportunity line, or between preferred seller records. Automatic mapping connects the necessary fields (name, price, product, etc.) between items and records. 

To take advantage of these new updates to their fullest or to create a roadmap to Automotive Cloud implementation success, connect with our expert team. Simplus has experience with numerous automotive organizations, streamlining operations and putting a data-led view of the customer in the hands of decision-makers. Let’s talk. 



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