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What telco companies should watch for in the Winter ‘24 release

Oct 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

The telco space is filled with constant M&A, negotiations, and ever-changing customer expectations—all forces that make it especially critical that companies in the market keep their operations top-notch. That means modern, sleek, agile, and adaptable for growth in every direction. Communications Cloud and the rest of the Salesforce Customer 360 suite is the ideal solution for tracking data from all those directions in one central place and leveraging it in powerful ways. But you have to keep it current. 

The latest Salesforce release has a host of updates to Communications Cloud for business users to enjoy. From B2B quoting visualization and improved agent consoles to an enhanced enterprise self-service dashboard, you’ll want to start leveraging these changes as soon as possible: 


Visualization for B2B quoting processes

Throughout the B2B quoting process, business users can now configure the characteristic fields of different products for a better visualization to support sales’ view. Assets can be grouped by Contracts for viewing and assets that all belong to the same contract can be selected in one attempt. The visualization engine is also now powered by integration procedures for data instead of data raptors. This means insights and reports surface quicker and are more easily read. 


Agent consoles (B2B and SMB)

The new and improved look for agent consoles in Communications Cloud comes with pre-built dashboards for not only B2C but also B2B and SMB needs. These console shelp telco organizations reduce expenses and raise customer sentiment with exceptional customer service capabilities. 


API services for carts

Cart-based API services in Core Salesforce are now updated to be compatible with existing promotions, discounts, and adjustments, increasing performance and scalability for cart-based transactions. 


Enterprise self-service dashboard

The enterprise self-service dashboard in Communications Cloud has been updated to improve efficiencies throughout the organization with a single dashboard. The dashboard managed quoting and contracting concerns for a variety of complicated enterprise account needs. 

You can catch a demo of this dashboard and several more updates to the Communications Cloud here. 

Whether it’s self-service optimization, agent console modernization, or streamlined quoting, Simplus has been there and can assist your organization in a next-gen transformation of operations. Reach out today.