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Service Offering - Program Delivery

Effective End to End Covid 19 Vaccine Management for Providers

In this webinar, you’ll learn from experts from Simplus, DocuSign, and Dyno Nobel as we take you through how Dyno Nobel retained customers, cut out competitors in the RFP process, and achieved 100% contract compliance with DocuSign.


Learn Salesforce to understand your strategy, and align your CPQ project with your business strategy while attending Simplus' Saint-Gobain Webinar.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how toModernize User Interface by Implementing Salesforce Lightning Experience for All Users.

Toronto Landscape

Learn how Miovision increased the probability of cross-sell opportunities, reduced their overall cost of sale, improved customer service and the customer experience.

Best Practices in Delivery

This webinar will tackle ways to identify and fill gaps in your remote delivery strategy and the advantages of utilizing a Managed Services Provider.