Stop Losing Time & Money
on Manual Reconciliations

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Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron
Product Management
Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Kyle Hanagarne

Kyle Hanagarne
VP of Communications, Media, and Technology

Manual reconciliations are common for most financial departments

According to a PWC report, 30 percent of your finance team’s time is spent on manual reconciliation. Even in top quartile companies, analysts spend 40 percent of their time gathering data, not analyzing it. What could your team do with 30 percent of their time back each month?

In this webinar, we will talk about how your team can stop manual reconciliations. We will break our discussion up into three parts.

Causes of Manual Reconciliation

Common causes for manual reconciliation

  • Reconciling sales data with revenue reports
  • Reconciling contract data with generated invoices
  • Reconciling strange rounding errors between systems
  • Reconciling amended paper contracts with invoices that customers have rejected
  • Reconciling revenue reporting between companies that have merged

Solving the causes for manual reconciliation will save you time every month

  • Reducing the number of systems to reduce occurrences of data model differences that allow for discrepancies
  • Reviewing common integration points between your CRM and ERP
  • Looking at business and process flows

Customer Story

  • We will look at a real life example from a customer who has implemented these practices
Causes of Manual Reconciliation

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