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The happiest, most well-balanced employees? Here at Simplus

Sep 21, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

Another quarter, another company culture award season from Comparably!

Simplus is thrilled to share that we have recently won two awards for our workplace culture: Happiest Employees and Best Company Work-Life Balance.

These awards come as no surprise to us. Our company culture has been a top priority from the beginning, founded with the values of underdog spirit, critical thinking, and most crucially, stewardship. We take care of each other as people, first and foremost. We’re glad to see our culture goals proven through the firsthand reviews of our employees:

“Everyone is willing to help answer questions and help each other be successful.”


“The way everyone cares about each individual as people. The executive team and managers are very compassionate.”


“I work in an environment of learning where everyone cares about my success and the success of the company.”


“The exciting part of being at Simplus is the permanent work from home. I can do my work at the same time get a chance to bond with my family.”

To read the full lists of awarded companies, click here.



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