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The communications and media guide to the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Mar 30, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

Communications and media, as close cousins to the great big tech industry, may find themselves on shaky ground just like their tech industry counterparts have throughout the first few months of the year. Staying vigilant with innovation, however, is more crucial than ever to stay afloat and retain customer retention and loyalty in a market of fleeting attentions and choice overload. Salesforce technology has been providing big names like T-Mobile, NBCUniversal, and FOX Sports with the tools they need to continuously innovate and survive highs and lows in the economy. 

The latest Salesforce release is no different. This update helps leaders in communications and media support subscribers more effectively and manage advertisement campaigns with greater ease. Let’s review three highlights of the release for communications and media:


Contact center for Communications

The biggest update for communications is the Contact Center. With the latest enhancements, users can verify identities faster, quickly search and execute a whole host of actions, and view customer activity timelines. All in all, major improvements to agent productivity and the insights gained through contact center operations. 

You can view the demo straight from Salesforce here. 

Applicable Clouds: Communications Cloud


Subscriber enhancements for Media

On the media side, enhancements for subscribers provide some crucial new features. The subscriber self-care web portal will help your customers manage their own subscription settings and orders efficiently and without the need for additional agent assistance for basic tasks. Another enhancement focused on subscribers is the lifecycle management tool within the agent console. Your customer service agents can quickly launch a single view of the customer when making contact so they can always provide personalized, helpful information. 

Applicable Clouds: Media Cloud


Enhancements to advertising and audience profiles for Media

Another area of enhancement for Media Cloud is in advertising and audience profiles. The Unified Audience Profiles functionality encourages users to segment and enrich their audience lists to perform better advertising campaigns backed by intelligent targeting and cross-channel strategies. Additionally, enhancements for advertising sales management make it even easier to plan and execute print ad campaigns. 

Applicable Clouds: Media Cloud


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