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8 things that set Infosys apart from the rest

Sep 11, 2020 | Admin, Latest News

Infosys is a global powerhouse for technology consulting and services. With recognitions as one of the world’s most well-regarded companies from Forbes and as a partner of the year with Microsoft, there’s no question about that. But you may be wondering exactly what it is that sets Infosys, Simplus’ parent company, apart from the many other technology service providers out there. Through services to over 45 countries and a competitive strategy, Infosys knows how to enable and empower all of its clients, and this is how it’s done:


Delivery excellence

Infosys delivers best-in-class solutions for every client. This includes the flexibility and scalability of today’s business environment demands. Solutions are reliable, secure, and easy to deploy using the Global Delivery Model, which is based on industry best practices and frameworks like CMMI and CMM. Infosys uses methodologies and expertise from each of its Centers of Excellence to deliver time-to-market benefits, culminating in a track record of 94 percent of projects delivered on time and budget. Over 97 percent of business comes from existing clients, proving the company’s exceptional delivery capabilities


Technology expertise

Infosys has over 3,000 certified consultants and over 200,000 experienced innovators providing deep technology expertise to clients. We are fully equipped to define, design, and build applications that fulfill business needs. The “Navigate Your Next” strategy positions Infosys as the leading choice for clients seeking full business transformation and operations optimization. 


Global workforce

The global footprint of Infosys is a major differentiating factor for our parent company. With over 98 nationalities across 45 countries represented, they are set up to provide services from anywhere to anyone. Again, the Global Delivery Model makes it possible for Infosys to best use its large talent pool and dedicate resources across multiple time zones for onsite, offshore, or near-shore client projects. 


Be the Navigator approach

Infosys utilizes an innovative strategy to drive business outcomes: the “Be the Navigator” approach. It’s used to make sure that business value beyond contracts is provided on every project. This ensures that end users realize the ultimate business objectives of the project because the project team is encouraged to utilize design thinking and innovate for clients, even if it means going beyond the original expectations. 


Innovation fund

Mission-critical to Infosys’ continuous improvement and best-in-class project delivery is the Innovation Fund. This fund was launched to invest in ventures and innovations relevant to Infosys’ core business offerings. By amplifying these initiatives with funding, the company is always aware of the latest and greatest and can steer clients towards the most optimal solutions, including the best in industry standards for accelerators, methodologies, and frameworks for all software development activity. 


Automation-based mindset

Infosys has a robust AI-powered focus, and Infosys Nia—a next-generation intelligent automation platform—brings machine learning and data analytics together. This helps us drive data, unlock value, and industrialize the core process landscape for our clients. 


Always-on learning

Another distinguishing feature is its “always-on learning.” The Infosys innovation ecosystem is enhanced by exceptional engineering capabilities and partnerships with universities, startups, and more. Through this, we are empowered to guide each client through the entire transformation process—consulting, advisory, implementation, customization, and AI enhancements. Infosys also has an in-market technology and innovation hub dedicated to continuing innovation with both partners and clients. In fact, Wingspan is a recently launched product that helps organizations encourage continuous learning with their employees during this unique time and in remote work situations. 


Strategic acquisitions

Infosys acquired Simplus this year, another strategic move for their M&A efforts. All of Infosys’ acquisitions are made to further capabilities and bring new digital experiences to its customer base with expanded automation tools and further expertise. Other key acquisitions done include Fluido, BB, and WD. 


Simplus is thrilled to be a part of this new family and privileged to share in its storied history. Learn more about Simplus and Infosys joining together and how Simplus is positioned to deliver greater expertise on your next technology project. 


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