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Healthcare’s guide to the Winter ’24 release

Oct 5, 2023 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News, Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud

The healthcare business is always in business. 

Where other industries have peak seasons and predictable annual cashflow schedules, the healthcare industry is dependably always in need. That means the time is always right for optimizations that streamline and improve operations for greater efficiency and scalability. So while the calendar year is racing to a close, healthcare keeps moving forward the same as ever. 

For Health Cloud, the updates of Salesforce’s Winter ‘24 release include enhanced referrals, Home Health, and Integrated Care as well as new features to better manage Advanced Therapy and collaboration with Marketing Cloud Engagement. 


Enhancements for referrals 

Several automated enhancements are in store for Referrals Management in Health Cloud with this release:

  • Create Referral flow: Using the new Create Referral flow, users can create clinical service request details and document links all associated with a referral. This flow also supports the updating or creation of associated patient records.
  • Referrals through Provider Portal: Users can help providers through the referral process by using automation tools for referral right on the Provider Portal Experience site. Adding the new Create Referral flow to the site allows providers to create a referral and automatically gather data records for it.  
  • Monitor the progress of accepted referrals: Users can now accept a referral directly from its clinical service request and then proceed to track the referral with automated reports and insights triggered by the flow. 
  • Inbound docs → Referrals: A new action, the Process Received Document, allows users to transform docs received via fax or email into formal clinical service requests. This feature utilizes text extraction to populate the clinical service request details regarding the patient, procedure, etc.


Home Health improvements

Several new features have come to the Home Health arena of Health Cloud. With Winter ‘24, Home Health now easily integrates with both Medication Management and Integrated Care Management for more cohesive patient care. Additionally, several improvements to Home Health Health functionality are making scheduling and calendar view more intuitive, patient eligibility more automated, and electronic visit verification simpler than ever. 


Elevated functionality for Integrated Care Management

Delivering integrated and human-focused care just got even easier with the addition of several enhancements in the Integrated Care Management portion of Health Cloud:

  • Access Integrated Care Management from the App Launcher
  • Use Care Gaps to identify holes in patient care needs
  • Create Care Gap records using clinical measure evaluations
  • Design Care Plans based on Care Gaps with an automated OmniScript Flow
  • View and edit Care Gaps and associated details directly from the care plan interface
  • Leverage updated decision tables to enhance response mapping and assessment questions


New features for Advanced Therapy Management

Advanced therapies have also gotten a boost in Winter ‘24 with more features to help users build out intelligent care programs for advanced therapy patients. The chain of identity and chain of custody for biosamples can be easily tracked through the latest Custody Management feature, and service territory prioritization rules can optimize appointment searches. Additionally, there are new features to help users customize fields for tasks in the clinical process based on hierarchical conditions for override. 

Other new features for Advanced Therapy Management include creating user groups in care teams to perform tasks faster, configuring lead time in hours (not just days), and visually representing therapy steps within a single stage with Work Type Steps. 


Sync Health Cloud with Marketing Cloud Engagement

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Industries can now be fully utilized and synchronized with Health Cloud CRM data via Marketing Cloud. With the guided setup, you can quickly connect Health Cloud with Marketing Cloud and proceed to design automated patient outreach programs, customizable journeys, and more with all the most accurate, real-time data across clouds in sync. 

Our team of healthcare + Salesforce experts would love to help your team implement or better leverage these features and more—let’s start a conversation today about how your goals are progressing and what we can do to accelerate. 



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