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Healthcare’s guide to the Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release

Aug 3, 2023 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

Salesforce’s latest seasonal release update is here, and for the healthcare industry, it’s full of enhancements to better manage and put your data to use with Health Cloud. From integrated care and therapy management to crisis support, AI for utilization, and the exciting advent of Home Health, we have an overview of each of the headlining changes your healthcare organization should be aware of:


Home Health

First up is Home Health, a new way to gather home-based patient data such as preferences for service or resources, visit scheduling, and prior authorization. You can use Home Health to organize care assignments, start dates, recurring visit caps, and rescheudled visits based on patient and care resource availabilities. 

  • Record home-based patient preferences
  • Schedule visits with preferences automatically
  • Bulk visit reassignment
  • Integration with Utilization Management to use prior-authorization data
  • Automatic updates to visit assignments when time off is scheduled
  • Access Home Health while in-field with the mobile app
  • Guided setup to implement Home Health


Enhancements to Crisis Support Center Management

Some key changes to Crisis Support Center Management make it far easier to respond urgently and with care during health crises. The guided setup has been updated to provide more intuitive configuration, and the Bed Search functionality now supports searches across healthcare facilities based on facility name, provider name, specialty, services, bed type, etc., so you can generate helpful reports at times of greatest need. 


Enhancements to Integrated Care Management

The enhancements made to Integrated Care Management focus on improved UI and better recordkeeping of social determinants to make care plans more valuable.

  • Add Social Determinants in Care Plans: You can create plans with more holistic views of the patient with support for social determinant fields in the care plans. 
  • Visual Care Plans with UI Update: A hierarchical structure can now be easily viewed and managed on any given care plan, including goals, social determinants, conditions, and interventions.
  • Improved OmniScript Flows: Health Cloud users can now more easily build out care plans with improvements to the OmniScript flows. 


Enhancements to Advanced Therapy Management

There are many enhancements in this update for Advanced Therapy Management, from a new app for better progress visualization to customizable flows for Therapy Orchestration, and so much more.

  • Customizable flows to orchestrate advanced therapies including Lightning Aura Components
  • Participant role assignments for advanced therapies
  • Configure teams and task assignments
  • Custom tasks with action plan templates
  • Functionality to clone sample flows and generate customer work order steps
  • Apex Trigger to complete tasks faster
  • New app to visualize therapy progress, stages, and next steps


Enhancements to Utilization Management

Finally, enhancements to the Utilization Management facet of Health Cloud are nothing to bat an eye at either. Critical updates here make it easier for providers to get current status reports on authorizations and streamline the submission process associated with authorization requests to payers. Additionally, one enhancement focuses on using AI with Utilization Management to expedite clinical determinations: payers can get a recommended list of services they would receive from a provider, and providers get a list of services they’re likely to submit to those payers. All in all, this reduces the burden of authorization management from both players in the healthcare space. 

For more information about Health Cloud, the latest updates, and how your organization can get started or unlock more strategic value from these functionalities, Simplus knows how to help. Reach out to our team to start a discussion today!



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