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Dreamforce 2023 in review

Sep 19, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

Welcome to Dreamforce 2023! 

During the three-day AI event of the year, we saw revolutionary Salesforce tools combine AI, Data, and CRM to create meaningful connections using trustworthy AI-backed innovations that simplify operations and foster unprecedented, data-driven customer relationships. 

“Einstein, do you know where to meet awesome, smart people who love to throw a great Kick-Off party?” 

Yes. Yes we do. 


In the heart of downtown San Francisco, Simplus, Infosys, Fluido, and Panaya hosted premier Pre-Dreamfest Happy Hours for Financial Services, High-Tech, and Manufacturing! After connecting with old friends and associates and meeting a few new, it was time to rock out with the Foo! 


Simplus (an Infosys Company) exists to make complex things simple. We’re a Salesforce transformation expert, the top-rated consulting choice based on customer feedback (4.9/5 CSAT). 

We drive strategic Salesforce wins across a variety of deal structures.

Products we specialize in include:

  • Revenue Cloud (CPQ and Billing)
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud (FSL)
  • Commerce Cloud (B2B, B2C)
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Industry Clouds (Manufacturing Cloud, Health Cloud, Communications Cloud, Education Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Vlocity)
  • Sustainability Cloud
  • Community Cloud (Experience Cloud)
  • DocuSign



Innovation Leadership Keynote Panel

Simplus, Infosys, Fluido, and Panaya hosted an exclusive keynote and Q&A panel discussion for leaders in charge of spearheading innovation. An insightful conversation on data management with a side order of AI was on the breakfast menu. 


What inspired you at Dreamforce 2023?

The AI/GPT capabilities?

The ways Einstein CoPilot will guide you toward more robust CRM strategies?

The exciting potential of Data Cloud to drive better customer engagement? 

Did you reconnect with old friends while discovering new visions for business growth?

We did, too. 

At Simplus, we look forward to making new connections to help implement digital transformation that empowers customers with powerful strategies to scale new summits, reduce overhead costs, simplify operations with unprecedented, intuitive AI-supported innovation, and drive measurable growth. 

Let’s connect!  



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Simplus Announces New President Suyash Awasthi

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