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DocuSign is so much more than e-signatures

Nov 2, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

You’ve likely implemented DocuSign as a digital signature tool; It’s the most used e-signature tool globally. More than 1,000,000 customers with hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use it regularly. While many are familiar with the convenience of digital signatures, there’s a powerful tool that goes beyond just providing a virtual John Hancock. 

Enter DocuSign CLM, your comprehensive solution for more efficient document management. 

This innovative platform offers a wide array of features designed to transform how you handle your paperwork and simplify what are often time-consuming systems of agreement, documentation, and management. 

The innovative e-signature feature is only one of a host of AI-supported, digital tools that can enhance document workflow and boost productivity, making your business operations smoother and more efficient. 

The Simplus CLM Practice is a leading DocuSign consulting and platinum partner in the US, specializing in standalone and SFDC-integrated CLM implementations. Together, we’ve worked in many industries to help our mutual clients optimize their CLM investments


It’s Easy To Use

DocuSign is designed to be user-friendly and offers templates and step-by-step guides to make it straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise.

As AI capabilities emerge, DocuSign’s solution, combined with Azure’s OpenAI Service, streamlines the document evaluation procedure by employing AI to highlight the essential elements of a contract. This empowers signers to gain a clearer understanding of vital information within their agreement, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions and ultimately reducing the time required for the review process.

Contracting processes can be complex, inefficient, and costly. DocuSign and Simplus make the process easier, faster, and less risky.

Whether you’re a seasoned user, a prospective adopter, or someone who’s only heard whispers about its capabilities, DocuSign offers comprehensive solutions for some of the most common CLM headaches. 


Sales Headaches

Headache #1: A lack of control in the contracting process

It’s a feeling every seller dreads. You’ve spent months working this deal—coordinating meetings, curating relationships, overcoming obstacles, and gaining the trust required to make a sale. But after all of the hard work you’ve put in, you’re at the mercy of your support team to create a contract and get it signed. Who has it? What are they doing? What is taking them so long? The customer is getting impatient! When it matters most, this lack of control is the bane of a seller’s job.


Headache #2: An inability to manage customer contracts

A good seller amasses a great many clients, each with contracts and expectations for the services and goods your organization provides them. It’s impossible to keep up with upcoming renewals, expirations, and obligations. Suddenly you realize a renewal is only days or weeks away—not nearly enough time to re-engage and upsell or cross-sell. And the next day an irate customer gets a hold of you because your organization has failed to meet an obligation. There has to be a solution!


The Remedy

DocuSign is a versatile tool that can significantly improve sales functions by expediting the sales cycle, enhancing remote work capabilities, and providing a more convenient and efficient way to manage sales documents and agreements.

It allows sales teams to create automated workflows for document review and approval. This is useful for managing the sequence of approvals within the organization and with clients. Automated notifications and reminders to clients and team members reduce the risk of delays and missed signatures in the sales process.

With document collaboration functionality, multiple stakeholders can collaborate on sales documents, which can include co-editing and commenting. This facilitates efficient communication and document revisions.

DocuSign can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, allowing sales professionals to seamlessly incorporate e-signatures into their existing workflows.


DocuSign Integrates with Salesforce 

DocuSign and Salesforce are a match made in CRM/CLM heaven. 

Most organizations implementing Salesforce ask for DocuSign by name because of its capacity to streamline contract procedures and collaborate seamlessly with various Salesforce Sales Cloud elements and across multiple Salesforce Clouds. 

DocuSign for Salesforce offers a range of applications that empower your team to create, sign, take action on, and oversee contracts within the Salesforce platform. These applications within DocuSign for Salesforce enable your team to expedite business processes, trim expenses, and enhance customer interactions. 

The suite encompasses DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce, DocuSign Gen for Salesforce, and contract lifecycle management software, DocuSign CLM for Salesforce.


DocuSign for Salesforce Offers a Quote-to-Cash Option

If you aim to enhance the automation of your sales process, you might be contemplating the swift and precise generation of quotes for orders based on identifying a customer’s intention to make a purchase. This involves leveraging CRM and seamlessly progressing from quote creation, contract signing, and fund receipt. 

DocuSign’s expanded services have undoubtedly transformed the landscape of document management, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that goes far beyond just digital signatures. With a wide range of tools and integrations at your disposal, it has proven to be an indispensable asset for businesses looking to enhance their document workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce paper waste.

Moreover, the integration of DocuSign with Salesforce has ushered in a new era of seamless and efficient customer relationship management. This dynamic partnership empowers businesses to close deals faster and allows for more personalized interactions, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships and increased revenue.


Procurement Headaches

Headache #1: The influx of complicated, varied vendor contracts

Procurement has a tough job. Every day new vendor contracts come in and no two are alike. Every day is a brand new problem, and it’s on you to ensure that all the right people have made their reviews, given their approvals, and that you’re operating efficiently and cost-effectively – all while business stakeholders demand action NOW. All eyes are on procurement when it comes to company spend, and that’s a lot to ask. Surely there must be a way to reduce the stress of it all.


Headache #2: Vendor compliance, unfavorable terms, and company spend

Vendors are on the hook for complying with their contractual obligations, as is your organization. Did they deliver on time? Did they miss any deadlines? Was the quality and quantity to the levels as stipulated in the contract? Is your organization on the hook for anything? Where might your organization have capitulated during negotiations and when can we revisit those terms? Can you cancel that contract that’s no longer of value, or has the termination notice date passed? There is a lot to worry about for those in procurement!


The Remedy

DocuSign plays a valuable role in modern procurement processes by expediting document approvals, enhancing collaboration, ensuring compliance, and streamlining the supplier onboarding process. It helps procurement teams save time, reduce costs, and work more efficiently. 

DocuSign supports remote collaboration by allowing procurement professionals to work with suppliers, legal teams, and other stakeholders from anywhere, which is especially valuable in global procurement scenarios. By supporting multiple languages and international use, DocuSign is suitable for procurement activities with suppliers from different regions.

Best of all, DocuSign can integrate with procurement and supply chain management software, allowing for a seamless and efficient procurement process.


Legal Headaches

Headache #1: Not enough time to do contracting support

As corporate counsel, you’re constantly getting pulled in all sorts of directions. Executives need your time, HR needs your time, sales needs your time, procurement needs your time. Your plate is entirely too full and in comes a request to review a contract. And you find yourself asking: Wait, who is this for? Have we done business with them already? Haven’t I worked on this already? This contract is enormous, where are the truly important parts that I need to worry about? Dealing with the minutiae of contracting is the last thing you want to be doing. 


Headache #2: A lack of transparency on our contracts and where we’re exposed

As a member of the legal team, all of the legal risk that your organization takes on falls on YOU. But all of that risk is described and captured in myriad agreements and contracts stored and distributed across your organization. You have no easy way of identifying where risks are highest, where changes need to occur, and when you may be able to renegotiate for more favorable terms. You could be more effective and make more informed decisions if you could unlock the data in your contracts. 


The Remedy

DocuSign is a valuable tool for legal compliance, regulations, and guidelines. In addition to offering electronic signature capabilities, DocuSign provides multiple layers of security and authentication to ensure the identity of the signers. This helps prevent fraud and ensures the legality of signed documents.

The templatized forms, such as client intake forms, retainer agreements, or non-disclosure agreements, speed up the document creation process and maintain consistency. 

DocuSign integrates with various legal practice management and document management systems, such as Clio, NetDocuments, and many others. This ensures seamless document management within the context of legal operations. 

Finally, DocuSign complies with various international and industry-specific regulations, including eIDAS in the European Union and the ESIGN Act in the United States. It also offers features for complying with industry-specific regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for healthcare.


DocuSign is Legally Binding 

Laws vary among countries concerning the legality of digital signatures. To recognize the legality of electronic signatures as a substitute for pen and paper forms, every state in the union has adopted the ESIGN Act, the UETA Act, or some state-specific variation of either. 

DocuSign is one of a handful of companies that comply with signature laws and regulations to provide legally binding and secure digital signatures. 

DocuSign is used in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and finance since it complies with industry-specific regulations and offers features for maintaining compliance. 

  • 13 of the top 15 Fortune 500 Technology companies.
  • 14 of the top 15 Fortune 500 Healthcare companies.
  • 15 of the top 15 Fortune 500 Financial companies.
  • Over 3,000 federal, state, and local government agencies. eSignature and CLM are both authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level.


Implementing a New System is Simple

It’s true that there is often a learning curve with a new automated system that focuses on simplifying out-of-date processes. But the payoff in the end is too good to pass up. For instance, consider your system of agreement and the valuable time you spend manually preparing documentation, chasing down signatures, acting on the terms of the agreement, and then filing the paperwork, hoping it’s easy to retrieve the next time somebody needs it. 

The answer lies in discovering a platform that simplifies and streamlines tasks, and we believe that the DocuSign Agreement Cloud fits the bill, supported by a customer base of over 475,000 worldwide. Notably, Salesforce’s exceptional experience with DocuSign is evident, with more than 90 percent of their contracts finalized on the same day and 71 percent within an hour.

The future of document management and customer relationship management is undoubtedly digital. With DocuSign and Salesforce leading the way, your organization is well-positioned for success in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Simplus DocuSign practice is especially skilled at implementing DocuSign + Salesforce marriages.  Let’s examine some challenges many customers face where a Simplus offering can be a game-changer. 

You use the e-signature tool. Now leverage more of what DocuSign can do to stay ahead of the curve, drive productivity, and elevate your customer relationships with OpenAI Service for templatized document creation and automated management tools like Agreement Cloud. 

Embrace the future of efficient document management and customer engagement, and watch your business flourish by partnering with Simplus and DocuSign for Salesforce. 



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