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Converting code to cash

Jan 31, 2016 | Admin, Advisory Services, Latest News

With today’s computer technology making customized coding easier and more accessible than ever, many up and coming entrepreneurs are discovering an exciting new enterprise; there’s cash in that coding — lots of it.

As with the industry itself, there’s a method to be sure this process ends up profitable, and it has little to do with your monitor and keyboard. Here are some important things to remember to be sure your business grows in the right direction.


Don’t allow the coding to overshadow the final product.

Converting code to cash means understanding what your client or audience needs. What are the client’s needs or goals for this app? The value of your code relies on designing a useful tool that people will buy. Remember, superior coding won’t be profitable if your audience can’t find a use for your final product.


Be aware of timelines.

If you want to retain customers, be realistic about the time needed to complete the project. Typically, coding a new application takes six to eight weeks to complete. It is better to inform your customer of that time requirement at the beginning of the deal than to oversell your abilities and wind up delivering a product late. In some cases, an app can be built without relying on code. Salesforce offers a platform that allows users to customize apps through their cloud application builder.

A good strategy for promoting your coding business is to remind a customer that if they are thinking about developing an application in the near future, draw up the contract now. The popularity of an app definitely has a life cycle, consider games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds as examples, so planning ahead means a projected app can be ready when the time is right.


Match the code to your strengths.

There is no substitute for accuracy. The truth is, a coding project will only prove profitable if it executed efficiently and correct. If you have closed in on a particular code, it’s best to match your strength in that area with the ideal industry. For example, you may have started coding with C or C++, but now JavaScript is like a second language to you. Capitalize on that ability by focusing on interactive websites. Also, catering to topics that interest you will motivate you to create a tool that enthusiasts in that area will find informative or helpful. Your enthusiasm for that topic will reflect in higher traffic rates and greater profits.


Converting code to cash is a heady opportunity, but it does require that you keep your head in the game. By staying focused on the product, scheduling adequate time for production, and capitalizing on existing strengths, you are destined to jump ahead in the coding industry without losing your mind in the process.


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